SUGGESTION: Create a crafting economy.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what items to keep or sell. If they can be useful I would like to keep them. A crafting economy would be really nice to have. This could include:
-ability to craft low level items that would be components for higher level items.
-craft items to increase their value. I.e. 3 items worth 1 each crafted into a single item worth 5.
-an economy where you can sell your crafted items or extra components to other users.

My only experience with this was in Everquest 2 & it was really fun. I actually crafted more than I explored.


  • Is there an easy way to determine what items you should sell or don't really need? There isn't any type of crafting system other than where you equip gear.
  • What kind of crafting system are you thinking of ? Currently why do u need to sell ur items ?? There is no slot restriction either. Why not keep them ?? The equipment crafting system u need to get use to it, very simple actually. Go to the areas and farm for those equipment, craft it and equip. Hope this clarifies
  • Dont sell ANY gear. Once you unlock a new toon you have to gear them up too. If you sell your gear you will be stuck farming low level instances just to start the process of gearing your new unlock up.
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