Rule of Fifty - 194M GP - Fully Heroic and Independent guild - UK time based

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We are a U.K. (GMT+0) time based guild, independent, created since the inception of guilds, with members from all over the world (mainly from europe), a friendly environment and some competitive standards that all members must put an effort to accomplish.

Our raids normally begin at 20:00 UK.

All Heroic and all on easy farm.

Only 0 damage until "damage release time" (20:00 UK of the day after launch) and then is FFA. These restriction exist to allow all players to have a good chance of getting reward.

Whoever breaks raid rules (even by mistake) is warned. If someone does it again, he/she will be suspended for 2 raids (which can be replaced for x donations in y days).

We can achieve 45* in LS TB and 47* in DS TB.
We have commitment rules for TBs (not performance, just commitment in the needed tasks).

We play to win even knowing that this tier is quite difficult so commitment needed.

We are organized in LINE app chat rooms.

The minimum requirements for joining us are:
• LINE app - We use LINE for important messages, guild chat, strategy and raid discussion.
• Spend at least 600 energy/day (exception made to real life stuff like holidays, etc.).
• Level 85 - with values higher than 3.5M GP, some top teams ready and a decent number of g12 chars (more than 35).
• At least an average top 100 in arena.
• Respect all members of the guild and the rules. A good roster isn't enough, we want good team spirit.

What we have to offer:
• Friendly, mature and fair environment.
• Good organization and communication.
• Sharing of game information and experiences.
• Long term members.

If you are interested in joining us please post here or send a PM to “AceCV” (in forum) or using LINE app (LINE id = acecv) / Discord (Ace#7103) and I'll get back to you.

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