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As it is at the moment, the game is pretty much a play and wait game. Sure there is plenty to do (and I really like it), but by the middle of the day, I'm pretty much waiting for midnight to operate its magic and reset GW, Challenges, Daily Achievements, etc. There is no mode that does not consume a finite resource for playing it.

So here is a small suggestion: Why not implement a table where you can train and battle as many time per day as you want? I could be really basic, facing randomly generated opponents, or could be an opportunity to create a really deep mode where we could exactly control the toons/level/gear/* that we face in order to tryout different combinations and see if what we have succeeds against different teams.

For those who would feel that it is a waste of time is there is no reward/or resources associated with it, we could have a reward (tokens exchangeable for other things or maybe just credits) with a diminishing return for every successive game you play up to a point where you would get nothing.

That way, people would be able to be really creative with their team without there being any real stakes and we could discover new ways to make the meta evolve, or just have plain fun!
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