I am afraid to change my arena team

Prefacing this by stating that I run a very cookie cutter team on a somewhat weaker shard. I can consistently hold decent ranks at reward time.

But I am deathly afraid to play with different arena teams. Having been burned in the past by having an inferior "fun" team locked in as my arena team default, I now never change my current team.

This is, IMO, a terrible thing. I understand the reason we have our most recent teams used on defense. I believe that a specific defense team option could or would be abused and would therefore be unhealthy for the game. I'd just prefer if we could have some confirmation as to when a team gets locked in as your default team if the app closes. Or, better yet, a way to manually update this data during arena.

For those unaware, there was a time when your app closing(a very real issue for some), crashing, or being forced closed led to the game using a previous arena team as the default. In my example it was a Kit Fisto team that kept being used weeks after I rotated him out.


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    If you run anything other than cookie cutter teams after the update you will be targeted more because you stand out as an easy target. So if you want to get a few days of playing with your fun team bring them in now, 5hen change back after the update.

    Or you could use the fun team for your first four battles and the cookie cutter team for your last battle to set it as your defensive team.
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    The problem I have had involved the game resetting my teams to my fun squad I tried once. It sucks to be targeted due to having a suboptimal lineup due to having some fun. It's been fixed now, but I'm not even willing to risk playing with four fun teams in case I have this problem again.
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    I run a 'fun' team. All Jedi (Ima lead). Against the meta, and I find it quite fun. I have accepted I might be pushed out of the 50 to 18 range in arena, but its cool. I started beginning of Dec (got the month log in) for reference of my shards age or ease of arena. I'm also not F2P, and enjoy Old Ben on my Jedi team.

    I know everyone likes to win an be the best (I hate losing too), sometimes it's best to just be the best you can while having the best time. I use Mace currently, even though he isn't great, because he rounds my Jedi team (QGJ replaces Jedi con). Running a cookie cutter team or a 'top meta' just doesn't matter.

    If you do want to run the cookie cutter, but still test builds, I'd suggest what cosmicturtle said, just change it last battle. And if you are afraid of the bug resetting your team, test in GW first. Maybe you end up really liking the team and running it in arena anyways.
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    I'm not scared of no ghosts.
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    Fear leads a path to the dark side.
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    Fear leads a path to the dark side.

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