Top 10 Characters You Think Should Be Added

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The title is pretty self-exclamatory. I am curious to know what characters you guys think should be added. If you want, you could also include a reason for some of them, but you don't have to. Here are mine:

Jedi Luke Skywalker (from VII-IX)
I know a Jedi Luke is coming, and I think it would be cool if it is Luke from the new movies.
I feel like he would have more interesting abilities and more reason for being slightly OP if they use that version of him.
Padmé (in her outfit right after the Geonosis Arena battle)
Padmé is almost as kicka** as her daughter (almost), and she is definitely a competent fighter.
I am honestly very surprised she isn't in the game yet.
He has always been my favorite Prequel era bounty hunter, and we could always use another scoundrel.
Jar Jar Binks or Some Other Gungan (I'm not joking)
I feel bad for all the hate Jar Jar gets, and I personally don't mind his character. Even if you don't prefer him, it just feels wrong to leave him out of a Star Wars game. It would be super cool if they added him as Darth Jar Jar. If Jar Jar is totally off the table, why not Captain Tarpals or something.
Gungans were a pretty big part of TPM.
No explanation needed.
I am shocked he hasn't been added as a character yet. All the Phantom crew, Gar Saxon, and an ISC that no one cared about were added, yet the coolest villain from the show so far is nowhere to be seen.
Agent Kallus
I like Kallus's character, and I would like to see him added to the game. He could have some cool anti-Imperial abilities.
Destroyer Droid [Droideka]
There a Super Battle Droids and Magnaguards already in the game, but the Droideka was perhaps the most formidable droid of the Prequel era. Jedi were equally matched against one. The would be a cool anti-Jedi character.
Jango Fett
I totally get why he hasn't been added: he is very similar to Boba. However, he does have some unique abilities, and it would be cool to have Jango and Boba synergize. I must admit, this is my least plausible idea, but oh well.
Darth Plagueis or Darth Bane (We don't need anymore Sith, so only one of the two)
We don't really need more Sith in the game at the moment, but these two guys are pretty cool and really important to Star Wars, so it would be neat to see them added at some point.

EDIT: I originally put this in the General Discussion because I didn't know that this section existed. I realized when it got moved here that there are already threads going about this topic. Sorry about that. :/
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  • Atlas1
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    Jango or Droideka should be next, no doubt.
  • J7Luke
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    Atlas1 wrote: »
    Jango or Droideka should be next, no doubt.
    Lol, your profile picture just gave me the idea of Pre-Vizsla.
  • Jar-Jar
    Jabba the Hutt
    Jedi Luke (ROTJ)
    Shaak Ti
    Sith Anakin (pre-suit)
  • Jango
    Dark helmet
  • Darlex11
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    Top 5 first:
    Jedi Luke
    Starkiller Rey
    Jango Fett
    Jabba the Hutt
    General Leia

    Next 5 from any of the below and in no particular order.

    Scum & Villains:
    Aura Sing

    From New Star Wars comics:
    Dr Aphra
    Black Krrsantan (evil chewie)
    BT-1 (evil r2d2)
    0-0-0 aka Triple Zero (evil c3po)
    Sergeant Kreel

    From Old Republic:
    Bastelle Shan
    Meetra Surik (the exile)
    Darth Malgus
    Darth Marr
    Emperor Valkorian

    From Old SW comics:
    Cade Skywalker
    Darth Talon
    Imperial Knights faction/characters
    Darth Kraytt

  • dan_lynch_01
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    Jedi Luke for sure.
    Old Luke is likely come December.
    Bossk seems so obvious.
    Scout Trooper
    TIE bomber pilot or something, we need more Imperial ships!
    More Resistance
    More First Order
    Ewok Warrior or something, any Ewok please!
    More Geonosians!
  • galen007
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    1)Jedi luke RotJ ( the one in black jedi robes that fights vs the rancor)
    2)galen marek. Aka starkilker (I know it will be almost impossible to see him in the game but I still think the force unleashed is kind of important for SW universe)
    3)padme amidala.Obvious, isn't it?
    3) Aprentice kenobi.
    4) jabba the hutt. I have post some ideas you can comment.
    5)separatist regular droid
    6) Shaak ti. They have released almost the whole jedi council. Why not her?
    7)Mon mothma. She could be a powerful support with lots of sinergies with rebels.
    8)Revan. No explanation needed.
    9) Aprentice anakin.
    10)the exiled jedi. Aka meetra surik.
    I could write so much more but those were the first 10 that came to me
  • wittsbm
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    Jango fett
    Jaster mareel
    Depa balliba
    Kyle katarn... Please!
    Rotj luke
    Komari vosa
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