How many feel that the Empire has risen after the pass?

So since the time when Wiggs and later them + Chaze were roaming unopposed in arenas and GWs people on forums kept saying that the Empire time will come, and soon :) at that. Lo and behold in January devs proudly announce that the empire will rise. What happened we all know, 2 underwhelming toons that according to nobody really uses. This after they released from the same movie 5 good to great rebel toons, now 7, and this while rebels were still the meta.Soon after that the sith meta happened and after that Rex brought back Chaze, sometimes Wiggs too, back to life. This off course refers to high arena, in the rest rebels continued to still be the meta.

Anyway, after a bunch of other rebels being introduced, finally the time for the second empire rise has come. So what happened? Two even more underwhelming toons than the last 2 ones that nobody will use just like their predecessors , and the rework of some terrible other ones, that managed to raise them from unplayable to maybe playable but only in some raid phases. And the ONLY Arena breaking toon was added, toon that will off course will only buff the the Rebel faction. you know, since the empire was suppose to rise.

But I must admit that needing empire toons to get R2 was a nice touch. I mean players needed another reason to farm and develop empire toons, since them actually being good is apparently out of the question.

Anyway after the pass and the new additions the situation is like this in my opinion:

On lower arena the Empire remained a joke compared with rebels with their few good toons harder to get, if possible at all, and anyway pretty much useless until at least level 78. Vader is dependent of achievements, EP is dependent of the rebels team you own, TFP is good only after level 78 and becomes useless as soon as he has to face a team with a pretaunter, and off course Shoretrooper that still can't be farmed by many long time players. The new additions/reworks are still ineffective against a 10 months old meta.

On High Arena the situation will be actually worse for the faction with the addition of R2. And if want to know how viable is the empire now, acc to the best non-sith empire toons Shoretrooper and TFP are used by 5% and 4% of top 10 players and by 3% and 2% of the players ranked 1.

Maybe I am biased in my evaluation, or I haven't considered all the facts. So please, can some of the people that feel that the Empire has somehow risen without me noticing it tell me were I am wrong? How did the Empire has risen?


  • Sounds about right to me. But I do like the Snowtrooper upgrade. Kind of like Lando now. He's not an arena toon but still pretty good for an entry level dark side character.
  • Sounds about right to me. But I do like the Snowtrooper upgrade. Kind of like Lando now. He's not an arena toon but still pretty good for an entry level dark side character.

    That's only one toon,that would be good at an entry level if you could farm the gear compared with lots of rebels. While the rebels , besides droids and Resistance, get R2-D2. This was the whole pass.

    So now from the 4 major factions the rebels continue to be good in every phase of the game, just better now at high level, Sith are good but only at high level, Jedi are pretty much dependent on Kenobi but at least they can be good sometimes at both low and high level and Empire is still a joke in every phase, at low or high level. Well at least we have the memories with the few weeks when Zader was top dog. I mean I didn't get to experience it, my shard was then infested with rebels just like it is now, but I got to read about it on the forums and I imagine it was glorious.
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    I like how you say that giving Empire a reason to farm to get R2 is a nice touch.

    We only got 8 days to prepare so this is kind of void in my eyes. Who knows when the next R2 event will come around as it is listed as extremely rare. Remember how long it took for Palpatine to come back?
  • Empire/sith hybrid is the way to go. The dark side can still rise and become the meta, so much could be done with GG and droids, or they could buff and introduce mother talzin and make the girls the top dog of the dark side.
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    I still like empire. I think they are becoming a raid faction.
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