Ally never ready

Hello everybody,
I have almost 10 allies for maybe one week, and the game continues to say that no one of my allies are ready for battle!

Do I have something to do to enable this? How we use these allies?



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    You are only able to borrow the leader your ally is using for that mode. If you have that toon in your lineup you will not see them on the selection screen.

    Once I moved Phasma out of my DS team I have consistently been offered high level heroes
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    I'm sorry I'm french, I don't fully understand what you say (toon, DS team). My problem is not to not have allies in my own list, it's each time I prepare a battle, it's written "No ally is ready for the moment".
    I have 33 alies in my list, some stronger, other less strong, some character I have on my own and some I don't. I also take care to not choose the same soldier as my allies.

    Do we have to be at a minimum level (I'm 49) ?
    Do my allies must be connected at the same time or something like that?

  • LaLiam
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    From memory, you had to hit a certain level to bring in allies (maybe 20 maybe 40 i cant remember)
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