Jar Jar Binks kit suggestion (not a joke)

Alrighty then, so i was bored as crap and came up with this, tell me what you think.

Jar Jar Binks: Light Side, Support

Ion weaponry (basic):

deal special damage to target enemy with a 75% to inflict defense down. This attack does triple damage to droid targets. This attack has high damage variance.

Gungan Distractions (special, 2 turn cooldown):

Jar Jar taunts for 1 turn, or until he takes damage. All allies gain 25% turn meter and Jar Jar dispels all debuffs from himself
Clumsiness (unique)

Jar Jar has 30% evasion, and whenever he evades he heals 10% of his health and grants all allies 10% turn meter

So the jist is that he has high speed (around 150) and high evasion, so he is constantly granting allies turn meter. However, to balance this, he has really low health and protection, along with medium damage on his basic.

I know EVERYONE hates evasion, but tell me what you think! :)


  • Corrog
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    I like it. Similar to what I'd design it as.
  • I'm pretty sure this is a joke.
  • Dddddid you just say... 30...%....evasion?
  • Dddddid you just say... 30...%....evasion?

    Put him under Dooku lead and get 45%.
  • Dddddid you just say... 30...%....evasion?

    That made me laugh so hard xD and YES! THIRTY PERCENT EVASION!
  • EZKill
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    I would suggest "grenade toss" as the basic attack instead. In addition to moderate damage to primary target, it does small amounts of team wide damage as well. If this sounds too powerful for a basic, it's because there is a caveat. Jar Jar has a 30% of fumbling the grenade and end up doing the above levels of damage to himself and his own team.
  • He would need a leader ability, too. He did "lead" troops. lol
    Something like...

    Grand Army - leader

    "As long as Jar Jar is alive, Clone and Gungan allies get +60 evasion and -20% accuracy. Whenever Jar Jar is critically hit, a random clone ally counters, and a different clone ally taunts for 1 turn."

    It would be unpredictable chaos... just like Jar Jar.
  • Should be 100% evasion and a full dispell with 5 turns damage over time on his force lightning.
  • The0n3
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    There should be something like a friendly fire in his kit. Like, whenever Jar Jar is evaded, there's a 40% chance of adding by 1 the cooldown on the ally skills. Let's assume Jar Jar would have low accuracy...

    The rest of the idea is solid though, i can imagine him as a toon with this kit. A usefull one for sure.
  • I think Jar Jar should have a leader ability: 1% chance to instantly defeat all enemies (which does x amount of damage to raid bosses).
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