INT (tank) gear challenge t3

Can anyone give me some advice on the minimum character lvl/gear I would need to complete this?
Currently I've neglected my tanks and want to understand how many resources I would need to devote to get through it.
I currently have
Chewi l59 4* l6 gear
Poe l54 3* l5 gear
FO storm trooper l40 2* l2 gear
Imperial guard l40 2* l2 gear
Jedi guardian l1 1*

Thanks for your help


  • Thx for the response but either you didn't read my post properly or I didn't make my question clear.
    My question was what's the minimum lvl gear I need to each of them to so I can decide whether I want to prioritise them for resource eg if maxing Poe and chewing to my current lvl (64) would be enough then I would do it. But if I'd need to level the others as well then I probably wouldn't bother and save my resources for other characters.
    Thx again for the help
  • Triqui
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    I think you should be able to do it, with just raising Poe's level a bit (which is a good idea regsrdless). I was doing it manually with a lvl 55 Fives, lvl 50 Chewie, lvl 40 RG. Once I got Teebo i could auto it with teebo as leader.

    Some tips:

    Raise chewie and RG basic attack to 3, so they have % to steal turn meter.

    Manually use Poe's taunt when mace turn meter is about 25%, to remove it and have a chance to refresh cooldown and do it again before Windu acts (will need s proc from RG or Chewie turn meter steal)

    Probably level Jedi Guardian a bit, enough to survive some hits from the Drones, and use your weaker char to attack the drones once in a while. This resets the drones turn meter, and forbid them to buff Mace Windu.

    Remember to use RG defense buff right before Mace acts. Probably taunting with Chewie (who can self heal) is a good idea too
  • Opponents are weak and with mace after he uses his skill use taunt eith toon who didnt get a hit after his skill his basic is weak
  • CPMP
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    Level Chewbacca's and Imperial guard's 1st skill till it has chance to drain enemy's turn meter. Then once you reach Mace Windu he is gonna be easy.
  • As long as your heroes are above level 50 (i.e. enough health to withstand Mace Windu's attack), you should be fine, though you lack damage and would need a bit of luck from Chewie and RG to reduce Mace's turn meter.

    Mace somehow loves to hit FO Stormtrooper first (even when there is another hero with lower hp), so buff him up with his ability - which also helps the chance to slow down Mace.
  • thank you all for the helpful replies. I'll start by maxing Poe then go from the
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