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So my idea for an live arena mode would be like the fights are in leage of legends.

Everyone got a pool of champs, and everyone has the chance to ban champs before they can select their champs for their team comb. So you have the chance to ban the most op champs like poe,leia,... .

The other interesting thing would be, that u dont have one team combination because u need to have champs to counter your enemy. So this mode will be way more tactical then the normal arena.

Especially if u reach the max level, the game will get boring, but if u have an arena( with a ranking system for example bronze,silver,..) like these, i dont think people would leave this game because they have anothwr big challenge to reach the ladder.

For more Details how this mode should work, please read the post below.
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Great Idea
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    Great Idea
    How should this new mode works?
    • First of all u need a special level to unlock this new mode and u should have at least 20-25 champs so u still got some champs after you and your opponent banned someone ;).
    • Then we need a matchmaking queue. For example i want to start an arena fight i click start fight and the system will find a player (in the same level reach +/- 5 levels or same ladder rank ).
    • Next phase will be the banning phase, where u can start to ban (max. 3) champs. For example: u are first u can ban 1 champ, then your opponent will come and can ban another champ,...
    • Now is the intersting and tactical phase will beginn. Everyone has now the chance to pick 5 champs (the champs cant be twice in the match, only one of you can have sidious ;) ).
    • After you picked your team combination, the fight will start. There is no Bot who control the enemy team, so take care and think before you make your turn, because players arent that stupid (normally :D) then bots.
    • After you won or lose your fight, u will get points. If u reach for example 200 points u will get from bronze to silver,... . If u already have 200 points and should lose a match u lose some points and u can get back to the bronze ladder.
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    Great Idea
    Hopefully we can get a discussion about this topic, that this feature will be recognised from the developers :)
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    Great Idea
    awesome,but unfortunately it will never happen as the servers arent good enough for live pvp.

    Sorry to rain on your parade
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    Great Idea
    Good idea but it requires that many are online in same time.
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    No, thanks
    I hope you don't take it to heart if I throw some criticisms of the idea out there.

    First of this is very clearly a copy and paste of the MoBA pick and ban system. Generally speaking moving a system wholesale from one game to another isn't a good way to go about design. Moving a system between genres of games even more so. The pick ban system is designed with a game with very little persistence progression and only needing one character per game in mind.
    Krisss wrote: »
    First of all u need a special level to unlock this new mode and u should have at least 20-25 champs so u still got some champs after you and your opponent banned someone

    Having 25 characters takes a long time for a free to play player having 25 geared and leveled and viable would take at least 6 months of daily playing. Even a paying player will have to spend a long time getting the gear for this mode. So essentially the system will be unplayable to the vast majority of the playerbase. Matchmaking would therefore be horrendous and the league would have not enough players to be interesting. So given the current progression speed of the game the mode would likely die on release.
    Krisss wrote: »
    Next phase will be the banning phase, where u can start to ban (max. 3) champs.
    Essentially that just kills synergy teams on arrival. Droids, Jedi and FO are all going to likely get a key piece banned if they are good enough to be in the meta.
    Krisss wrote: »
    Everyone has now the chance to pick 5 champs (the champs cant be twice in the match, only one of you can have sidious ;) )
    Why can't both teams be able to share characters? I am not sure why you suggested this but it essentially offers each player another 5 bans again making synergy teams difficult to pull off and artificially increasing the entry cost of the mode.

    The whole process of going throw picks and bans would in my estimate take 2-5 minutes. Effectively increasing the time it takes get through a match very significantly. It's fine for 20-40 minute moba games but for the 2-5 minutes matches this game has it's too much.

    So there's my criticism of the system. I'm not trying to say give up on such a idea just that it might need a bit more streamlining and innovation.
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    Great Idea

    Of course there are many things to improve such a system. But i think there should be a possibilt to fight each other in real time and not always vs a bot. Because after u reach the max level and after you got the most important champs, what will u do? For players who spend money, they have no real interest for thw standard arena fights and will leave the game after a time.

    Another Option could be, that the new arena mode has all champs with the max gear avaible for all player, and then everyone has enough champs to play and can use the ban system
    To ban the meta champs, but there must be an option to fight vs.a real player. This is no game whre you need a good ping or something else. If u got 30 seconds for every turn it would be enough and i think the server should be strong enough, otherwise EA has enough money ;).

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    Personally if you were going to take inspiration for live ranked I'd go with Hearthstone over LoL or DoTA (all of which I play or played for a significant amount of time) as HS is closer in gameplay.

    Because there are so few characters to add to synergy teams, at least for now allowing bans basically removes the ability to field a synergy team. Also it kills the quick matches, you go from 5m max to 10m max if you give people even a moderate number of bans and time to pick them (think LoL, the ban/pick phase often takes 10+ minutes before you even start the match)

    For the Hearthstone example to work you would need much larger shards, but you would basically need that for any live battle or you just never find online opponents. HS basically does tiered rewards based on the highest rank you achieved. If rewards were based on your highest rank rather than your current rank at payout you could play arena whenever you liked, regardless of it it was live or not. You wouldn't be forced to play only right near the end of your prize window as you could lock in your prize. This would obviously mean the overall payout from the game to players would go up as there would be a lot more people getting high rank payouts, so you might have to adjust the payouts down a bit if the shard sizes stay the same, but in much larger shards it shouldn't be an issue.

    I like the idea of live battles but that takes a a tonne of work to implement, where simply making payout based on your highest achieved in the day should take next to none.
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