what are the events?

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I'm only lvl 51 now and with 52 I'll unlock enents.
what is this? Is this something daylie? Should i use gems to reach 52 today? Or isn't it so importent, so i can wait till tomorow?

Thx for info


  • You get 2 event keys each day that can unlock the Training Droids or Mining Droids events (1 key for each section).

    Once unlocked you have 1 hour time limit to run as many times as you want for XP/credit droid rewards.
    But there's a catch. Each time you want to start a fight it will cost you 50 energy.

    It's a complete waste of time right now so I wouldn't bother if I were you. Most people would really only have enough energy to spare to do ONE run within an hour. Also the rewards you get from it are very little so it's not worth it.

    In beta there was no energy cost involved but we were limited to 2 attempts for each within an hour. Once those 2 attempts were used, you had to wait for daily reset the next day to run them again.

    Completing 2 events each day was also a requirement for the daily activities completion (even when they upped the cost to 50 energy).

    Thankfully they removed the requirement once Global launch happened and I haven't touched them since, so I highly doubt anyone is wasting energy on running Events right now.
  • Ok. Thanks for this answer
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