What is the most hated character, and why is it JG

If there is one toon I can't stand it is the Jedi Guardian. Its animation is so awful slow and time consuming, it's incredible. Like hours of spinning lightsabers and jumping. And the best: literally 0 damage. I **** hate this character

What is your most hated toon (After Poe ofc :D)


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    Jedi Guardian has good defense. When defense is the meta, you'll find Jedi Guardian to be useful. She is also a fast build. You can get to her Gear VII without much problem. And she can get to Gear 9 I think I'm not sure. I' m not there yet.

    My hated toon is Uroorrr. I can't use mine effectively. But it's ok. I have Tusken Raider and TR is very very good.

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    My hate toon is RG, as I can't see the piont of him and yet I get his shards everyware, I especially hate him when he's the shard in GW12
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    I hate rey because she crits for 10k unbuffed
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    Dooku. He's such a pansy that most times I just let him be. Then suddenly he starts attacking again and again and again... Then he stuns my Lumi in the last bonus attack. But I don't use him in Arena because he never ever goes over 2 times in a row when I use him.

    But he's my GW hero :lol:
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