How to improve AI in PVP

Like most players, I hate this artificial way of setting up a turtle defense team aiming for a draw in PVP when you are defenser. The issue is that the AI is bad at managing (tageting and using skill) our characters.

I am not sure how difficult it is to implement this in a mobile game, but why not add the possibility to script characters in our PVP team? When the script is finished, either repeat it or the AI take control

Something like <condition> <action> <target>

I could script Cad Bane as: <use stun skill> <healer>
<attack> <lowest HP>

Or my Jedi counsellor: <team member below 50%HP> <Use healing skill>
<any ennemy below 25% HP> <use special attack skill> <lowest HP>
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  • Well, seriously they could make AI super powerful that it 's almost impossible for you to beat with the same team. These guys know how to do it, it s much easier than programming chess. The thing is then lower power players would then have no chance to beat higher ranks opponents.
  • Yeah I'd say leave it as is. The thing is that turtle teams you come up against is what they are attacking with also, as you can't set a seperate defence to offense team (yet). Like previously stated, setting your teams like that, especially a turtle team, would give lower teams zero chance of climbing the ladder at all. Most of the time I have to rely on stupid AI to get by. Other times the AI is actually quite good. They are excellent at focus firing one character into the ground. Sods.
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