Best Jedi team with R2

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QGJ lead, Kenobi, Anakin, Yoda, R2?

Thoughts? Is there anyone you would use instead?


  • Zqgj, zoda, gk, R2, Ezra would be my choice. Ezra is better than anakin, even at just 4*.
  • Jizzaouse
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    Oh yeah forgot about ezra
  • Poxx
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    Yoda is your fastest jedi. He can't outspeed an equally modded SA under zMaul so their whole team goes b4 u. If u face some other team, he goes 1st and wastes foresight when u already have he hits like a girl and his health/prot r bad. R2 let's u cleanse on crit, boosts crit and accuracy. Bye Yoda.

    zQGJ (L), Aayla, GK, Ezra, R2D2.

    4 assist callers, 2 dispellers ftw.

    When we finally get a jedi Luke, depending on his kit, he will replace Ezra or R2. I am hoping I replace Ezra tho bcuz running Luke and R2 would make me happy.
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  • Kckid
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    Agreed with Poxx on the lineup. Never tried Ezra, though I want to. But it's worth keeping JKA in the bullpen to pull out if you really need the heal/buff immunity. Only way I've found to take down a zavage with my team of ZQGJ, yoda, jka, aayla, GK.
  • Antares
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    I will probably try zQGJ, Aayla, Ezra, zYoda, R2. I don't have GK so that is no option for me. All I can say is that Ezra added so much value to my Jedi team. With him I beat every squad combination (Rex, Chaze, whatever) 95% of my attempts with the exception of zMaul (no chance there). I really hope that R2 will salvage that team vs. zMaul...
  • Poxx
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    Sorry about necro'ing a post dead over a month, but after much trial and tribulation, I have finally arrived at what I believe to currently be the strongest jedi squad available.

    Why not JKA ? Why not Aayla ?

    JKA feeds Rex teams tm, exposes himself multiple times and his offense up and debuffs aren't reliable.

    Aayla is great, but she needs to b attacked to really be great. She is easily played around and the prevalence of tenacity up and crit immunity have drastically lessened her impact.
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