Worst represented character?



  • Baal
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    Anakin...he's not nearly whiney and ladyboy enough in game.
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    Poe. I never saw him use his taunt with expose and turn meter reduction in the movie, did you guys?
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    I personally think Poe is a badly represented character. Perhaps I missed the reason, but I was shocked to see him as a "tank" character.

    For those who watched the movie, Poe's first (and only?) fight scene was with him "sniping" storm troopers. That imo labels him closer to being a damage dealer than a tank. I'm still new to the game, but I feel like Jedis (according to lore) should be tanky with their light saber deflecting abilities. But, again that would be lame if all Jedis were tanks I suppose. It's a fun game overall and I'm fine if it stays the way it is.
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  • Abyss
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    Ahsoka in lore was about as nimble/fast as they get yet ingame shes a jabba like slug barely moving.
    Nuff said
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    Anakin, Mace, Luke. And why is Vader so slow?!
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