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    Who isn't acknowledging that fact? Nobody thinks is a 100% correct, it's just the most credible source of information available.
    I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't use 1 point in time during the day, but the timezone on the account to calculate rank for the meta-report. So it's possible for 2 players on the same leaderboard, with different pay-out times, to both be registered #1. Two guys on my leaderboard both are ranked #1 on their swgoh profile for the last couple of days.

    Quoting the meta report as irrefutable truth is in fact not acknowledging that fact. People are interpreting a report without understanding the source. The same data can be made to appear to report vastly different results depending on how it is presented. There is little transparency into how these reports are generated and while they are interesting to get a general idea, focusing on narrow segments, like 1st place leaders, only increases the percent error because the data set is already skewed.

    I have experimented with placing differently throughout the day and I'm fairly certain there is a narrow window of time when the data is pulled. How close are the payouts of the players you mentioned? If they're within an hour of each other, I can see there being overlap depending on how the data is pulled.

    All I am saying is that with an already small sample size of players registered on, reporting metrics on an even smaller sample of that data is, by definition, skewed. I finish somewhere in the top 3 nearly every day, yet my rank on doesn't reflect that because they pull their data several hours after my payout and I've usually been bumped a few ranks by then.

    Lighten up sir....It's just fun to look at. Everyone is aware there are flaws in the source, but trends in general can be informative. Also, 2000 samples is a pretty good size to draw reasonable estimates from.

    I'll add to that, and say that if someone isn't on the .gg site, they probably aren't interested in Meta, or they're newer and what they run would probably falsely skew the report...or both. At the very least, they're probably not the top of their respective arena.

    That said, I'm one of the Zader leads in the report, and I have a hard time holding top 100 (JohnnySteel knows my/our leaderboad very well). It's what I have ready/viable at the moment. Sorry to skew the report! Lol.
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    And it has finally happened!!!! George Foreman...errr ....Rex..... has surpassed DM as most used leader on the GG website - both 39% but Rex has him in the count 845 to 839. I'll update my meta-tracker thread on Sat as planned, but this happening deserved it's own special thread notice.

    CT-7567 Rex: PWNING speed metas since 2016!

    (3x cleanse team metric also up to 70% and DN usage at 78%!!!).

    I think maul is foreman and rex is the triumphant return of ali carefully putting down the beast in ko fashion
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