Heroes replacement at level 40+

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Currently my Light side heroes I have chewbacca(tank) Jewa(attacker), Jedi consular (healer) I'm thinking if I should aim to get Ashoka tona(attacker) , Five (tank) and luminara unduli.

Is those a good replacement for now ?

Here is my light heroes
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  • Luminara awesome to aim for. Ahsoka is good too, mine only 2* atm and already hits quite hard, but saving for Daka before I raise her stars more. No experience with Fives yet, dunno if he has a taunt like Chewie does.

    Luminara is a must though, really. Hits like a train with an awesome heal thrown in.
  • Lev 43 here, i've pulled an Asoka from a bronzium pack and now she is 3*, i like her very much; her evasion coupled with the self heal, and a wonderful attack make her an all round pg..The charachter you need for a team with Asoka is absolutely darth sidious,( i ve pulled him in a chromium pack, WONDERFUL)but you can farm him in arena, mine is almost 5*! Chewie, for me, is a good tank, farmable and makes his work very well probably later i've to change him (now in my server i am ranked 170, still climbing). I'm farming luminara to replace Talia.
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    I think Asoka , luminara, five is good investment since I can farm those area and eventually I can raise their star. I don't plan to spend money in this game. However I spent $5 for count doku and $5 for 21day 100 gems.

    My dark side I got count doku, Taila , and other useless 1 stars heroes. Eventually I will get darth sidiious and other heroes that I can get from shipment.

    Arena shipment - I getting darth sidious
    Cantina shipment - getting Five
    Galactic war shipment - getting luminara
  • Fives is a great tank, I use him on my Light squad.
    He has speed down 2 turns on his basic attack and combined fire special gives a bonus attack from an ally.
    The unique skill (unlocks at lvl 4) is 30% Counter so it helps generate a lot of extra attacks. Ability upgrades raise this to 40%, 55%, don't know what it is after lvl 4 ability. I don't use him as leader though since his ability is Clone allies +15 defense and I don't run any others.

    My tankiest PVP toon isn't a tank at all, at least not classed that way. I use Savage Oppress, he can take a hell of a pounding and I feel is on of the more under rated toons in the game if you use him right. I have him in a Sith heavy PVP team as leader (+30 Sith Defense skill +15 others) with Darth Maul, Dooku, Jedi Consular and Talia.

    I made top 10 at lvl 38 today taking out a lvl 40 with almost 1.5K more power. Oppress was the only survivor and he duked it out at the end with Barriss. My Consular was only a 2* going in, Dooku a 3* and the others 4*. Savage Oppress definitely helps you punch above your weight.
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    Im at lv40 with all the regular squad. Tell me what you think?

    Jedi Consular = Im sure Barriss offee is the best replacement for Jedi consular but what happen if i dont have a healer other than Jedi COnsular. Am i going to stick with Jedi consula unless i unlocked Barriss Offee? any other healer from Light squad?

    Jawa = I think Ahsoka Tano is an easy replacement as i can get from the shipment.

    Chewbacca = Five is an good replacement as i just need few more days from the shipment.
  • From Galctic War, you can get Luminara as a healer. Well she's classed as an attacker. But she has a pretty good heal, ability block and deals good damage with her basic. She's the only decent character from GW tbh, well easiest to have good synergy anyway. So get her ASAP!
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    Arena shipment - I getting darth sidious, like 1.5days per 5shards from Arena shipment
    Cantina shipment - getting Five , going to take 2days to get 5Shards from Cantina Shipment.
    Galactic war shipment - getting luminara , going to take 2day to get 5shards from Galactic
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    Chewbacca is very useful throughout the levels due to his taunt and can as are result protect your weaker characters if you are waiting for a heal to come off cool down... Although you may want to replace him with Han later for the turn meter removal he has especially if you are well covered on heals.

    Like others have said Luminara you definately want... when her abilities are significantly upgraded, her raw heal rivals that of Barris along with a 10% heal every turn for everyone... Although she doesn't have as much health, she does more damage and also has a very useful ability lock attack.

    Notable characters to look for is Obi-wan, not used him but faced him a couple of times and he is very irritating to fight against probably more so than Douku

    I would look to replace the Jawa with either Kit Fisto or Aayla Secura...

    Ahsoka I would only recommend if you are low on healers as damage output wise there are better out there, but she can pretty much keep herself alive without a healer. And she isn't as versatile as other attackers in applying other effects on enemies.
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