BUG: Inspecting enemy ships in Fleet Arena

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Not sure how long this has been around but 2 days ago i noticed following issue:

a) When i open the Fleet Arena holotable -> Matches -> click on a ship of a potentional arena opponent (i want to inspect the ship, stats, pilot etc.), the game shows me in the next screen not my adversary's but my OWN ship.

b) Now, another thing i noticed is, if i have the ship myself aswell, which i want to inspect on my opponent's roster, the game shows me my ship. However, if i click on a ship that i currently haven't unlocked, the game shows the correct (enemy's) ship, pilot etc.

1. I click enemy's Ahsoka's Starfighter (i have her+her ship aswell), game shows my own ship in the next screen.
2. I click on enemy's TIE Advanced x1 (i don't have the ship unlocked, only the pilot), game shows the "correct" enemy's ship.

Please fix that asap, not being able to see whom we are planning to battle is a serious issue.

Thank you.


  • Creepioo
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    yes Also when you look at an allies ships via their profile the same thing happens
  • stohelit
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    An additional bug related to viewing ships that are not your own:
    In the ship listing screen it shows how many shards you have for that ship (not how many they have).

    If you look at ships from a guild member (click on their name in chat, e.g.).
    View inventory
    Show a listing of their ships (click arrow next to "characters").

    Their ships are listed, but they are in the order of your ships (e.g. their most powerful ship
    is not the first one listed).
    Also, the bar under each ship shows how many shards you have for that ship
    (rather than showing how many they have for the ship, which would make sense;
    or showing nothing [as is done with their characters]).

    Please make it sort their ships in the default sort order (as they would see them),
    and make the shard bars report something more sensible (either their data, or nothing).


    (I also see the same behavior as mentioned above when I view an individual ship, it
    changes to viewing my ship, rather than my guild mate's ship. Further, if I
    look at the ships pilot, it shows me my character, not theirs.)
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