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You all know the issue with unpredictable turn order when multiple characters reach 100% TM simultaneously. This happens frequently with Jawa Engineer, Sith Assassin and even B2 where the end result is several characters reaching 100% TM but taking their turn in a random order. This makes it impossible to plan the turn order of your team in some situations.

If the Turn Meter was treated like a bar which fills incrementally, even when multiple characters reach 100% TM on the same turn, the Turn Meter for the faster character would essentially reach 100% first.

The change I'm proposing would be to track the order each characters TM bar fills and follow that same turn order rather than the current, random turn order we have.
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    AITOO bothered by random turn order when multiple characters reach 100% TM at the same time? Wouldn't it be preferred if we had some control over that through the base speed of each character?
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