Back button regression.

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I've been having problems, both on my IOS and Android account on the back button behavior. When I go to the character screen, I select a piece of gear, go into the components, go into Find component, go into the battle, and when I go back, I'm back at the find component screen (this is right). So, I touch Back again, and it takes me back to the Battle! It should have taken me back to the upper gear and the then character. Now I have to press home, get back to characters, find my character and remember which piece of gear I was farming. This is, from a UI point of view, totally unacceptable. Please do better jobs at regression testing. Not everybody uses sims all the time.


  • Me too, just started today.
  • It's happening to me too and it just started. It's only happening on the character section, no other section is having this issue. I choose a character, go to the find section, and then it just switches between the two in infinity. I then have to exit to the main screen and choose another character.
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