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Ok I have a tank toon, it's Fives, but why is it Tank? It's got many HP and done. He has got same damage as another toons and do little damage. So the question is: Why dont have taunt and why is it a Tank character?

And the other tanks why dont have taunt? Only 3 taunters in the game. The taunt is specifically a tank skill.


  • Nonemo
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    He is a tank because he's made to make enemy attacks either less efficient (due to his Slow debuff on counter attacks) or just not pay off well (hitting a 20K HP toon for 5K and getting countered for 2,5K on your damage dealing 10K HP toon means that as far as percentages go, your attack didn't accomplish anything to shift the power balance in your favor).
  • The tank is the protector I dont know how to protect Fives anyone when it' attacked the last time. Or killed in the first round by the FOTP and Leias attack.
  • Nonemo
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    That's the problem for everybody these days. Fives is by no means the worst tank out there.
  • Ztyle
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    Tank don't meen taunt, in earlier games taunters where squizie expendeble guys, that took the attention just long enough for your team to make a move, a tank is a high health and/or high armor toon, Fives fit into that perfect, high health and high amor, but amor in this game is sadly a joke, for despite when maxed out Fives, with the 2nd highest amor in the game, is only 293 and makes even Barris laugh at it
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  • I still use Chewbacca as a tank even at level 70 and I find he is still a good tank that can absorb the entire teams attacks for one round. I have other tanks that can taunt but they are both low star version and not leveled up as well.
  • Nonemo
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    Well the concept of a tank is to make your other toons take less damage. That's what it's for. Taunting is one way to make this happen. Another way is by applying ATK down to the enemies, like old Ben and Poe do. A third way is to make the enemy not attack as often, either by reducing turn meter or by applying Speed down. That's the kind of tank Fives is. ERG combines taunting with turn meter reduction, and also gives a small defense boost. I like ERG.
  • Han and Poe better tanks Cheewe is not too good. the other tanks are much worse. It's my experience.
  • I would like to see this squad, I think 5555 would fit awesome (considering everybody at max level):

    ImaGun Di (leader), Fisto, Aayla, CT-5555, Obi-wan (maybe Barris in, Fisto or Ben out)

    5 tanks + 5 counters + defense up + offense down + ability block + multi-attack + slow down

    I wouldn't know who to attack first. In arena, I even know if I could beat this squad in 5 minutes.

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