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While I'm the one normally giving advice, I find myself pulling my hair out at the sheer inconsistency of Chirpatine and the big problem is the amount of times B1's resist Palp's shock... in fact it is so frequent that I end up losing my tanks.

I've had to drop Sun Fac from the tactic as he gets called upon too early and messes it up by countering. Does ANYONE know just how high Palp's potency needs to be? Right now is just over 63% but i've failed to get the tactic to work 36 times today as its taking 2-3 turns per droid to get a shock (despite working with no problems many other times)

Hope someone can help.


  • TMK
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    Shock all B1's first. My Palpatine with similar Potency misses twice at maximum, I usually retreat and keep on trying till I hit all 6 for the first time. You don't attack Boss Droid by any means.
  • dsteve
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    Vatano, what lvl/*/gear is your palps? That your issue is potency warns me that it may be a bit low. I think an effective chirpatine usually has the opposite issue of palps killing the B1 instead of zapping it.

    Tips: lead with sthan taunt. This should get palps enough TM to zap the other B1s before the tank goes off. Don't taunt with Sun Fac until after all the B1s are shocked...probably once sthan is 50% health or lower. That way Sun Fac doesn't lose his taunt.

    FWIW, potency on my palps is 86%. It's a good thing.
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