Han's Special damage

I was wondering: Why does Stormtrooper Han get so much special damage from his gear? On my fully geared, 7* Han, he has 1224 (+61) Physical dmg, and 1361 (+81) Special dmg!
He has no ability that causes special dmg, so why does he have gear pieces in his G8 slot like the purple "googles" that gives "+60 Special dmg"? Am i missing something or is this just poor gear distribution? Don't get me wrong, i love the character, but those +special dmg and +int pieces could have been replaced with some +HP/Str gear instead imo. His Str and Int modifiers are the same at 7* (5.40), this gives him just over 11k HP max gear/stared. A little poor for a tank imo.


  • My guess is that they use the special damage gear as a 'filler' type to control the stats of the character. Since each piece of gear can be used by multiple characters, they can't (easily) say that a purple laptop gives mace 100 hp, but gives Han 50 hp. So they know the end result they want Han to have (for example) 11k hp and 2k attack, they select the pieces that will achieve this at the max gear level, and everything else they 'fill' it with special damage. That way you still have to grind up to gear 8 or 9, but still have the stats they want the character to have.

    Just my thoughts. Could be totally wrong, but only a dev could say for sure. But they probably won't so we can only speculate.
  • Guess that's a fair point, i just find it to be a little "unfair" compared to characters like say Dooku, who does both physical dmg on his normal attack, and special dmg on his special attack. Every piece of stat he gets from his gear is relevant, so why isn't this the case for every char? Unless the pieces with stats that matter more are more impactful on characters like Han, like when he first gets a +Str/+Phys dmg piece, its a strong one (which also makes it harder to gear that char), a Dooku with the same gear lvl will have a significant advantage being able to utilize every stat point gained.
  • I agree I also found this odd. Other characters are like this and the only thing I could think of is that they could add a special attack later in the game possibly. I also thought maybe they add the special damage into the percentages for Hans each turn to take away turn meter for example.
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