Will the changes to Mace and Savage Opress make them more "viable"

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I have been my resources to level up Mace as a member of a 5* jedi team. No way I can get the 5 that I have leveled to 6* and I am not sure that I want to. One of my 5 is JKG... But, with the changes to Mace, will he actually be a threat? Even at 50% more damage on his basic I am not sure he is going to be "powerful" but certainly more usable than now.

I have also been allocating my Arena points to Eeth Koth and Savage Opress. Eeth because arena is an easy way to get stars for heros and I may need a more farmable Jedi to go for the 6th and 7th star challenge of the new event. However. the changes to Savage look pretty beastly. I predict we will see a lot more of him in the future with his special being revamped and his unique giving offence up when he is attacked.

What are your predictions for Mace and Savage? Are we going to see them contribute in the future?
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  • Nonemo
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    Very hard to say, but I suspect they'll be very viable both of them. Both get a major damage boost, and both are rather high in HP too, meaning they can survive well in the present meta.
  • Not to mention Mace gets an expose too.
  • Im happy about the new savage update. I use him in galactic war and hes pretty good. He was my first to farm in arena. Big mistake, should of got sidious instead but, it payed off. He does about 1.5k basic damage. Only gear 5
  • Rolf
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    Will the tank and healer challenges get harder with their updates, I wonder.
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  • Telaan
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    Viable in arena? No. They're too slow. Elsewhere, sure.
  • Savage, no, the change is terrible.

    Mace, maybe.
  • Mace could become usable in arena. Just have to wait and see. But he would need poe to be viable because he is slow, but then again everyone needs poe so nothing new.

    Do I see mace out preforming the other meta toons? Nope. Unless his dmg increase turns into calling an assist or if he crits he can 1 shot ( guess stab in this case ) a toon.

    However I can see him being usful as an assisting ally. Such as assisting qgj who assister does 75% more dmg as is.
  • Currently farming savage from arena shipments. I think he will be an amazing addition for my GW team, at least. He has crazy high HP (17.5k hp maxed out) and with all the sids and kylo's running around, he will have his offence buff up quite often from the AoE's.
  • Ilza
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    For arena viability the devil is in the details, and without getting exact coefficients etc it's hard to say what's viable and not. I doubt Savage will be good enough, Mace has a somewhat useful kit so it's not impossible but he needs to get more than good damage on his normal attack for that.
  • Mace, no.

    Savage, yes.
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