New chars that already exist

So, i am new to the forum and i wanted to ask the community on their opinion.

There are a lot of characters, that seem to be only a version of a toon, like Jedi Knight Anakin, Old Ben, Clone Wars Chewbacca, Luke with a rifle instead of a light saber and so on...

This indicates, that there will be other versions of this toons like maybe dark site Anakin, General Kenobi or Jedi Master Luke.

This is what started to bother me, the more i think about it.
When there will be these toons in the future, we will have teams with, lets say:
Normal Luke, Jedi Luke, Old Ben, General Kenobi and so on... so we have teams that have different versions of the same charcater, therefore, it wouldnt make any sense.
I know, it also doesnt make sense that the emperor and Luke or Vader and Anakin are in the same team, but that is just how this game needs to work.

So my question is:
What would you like more?
1. Different forms of characters that can be used like ever you want
2. Different forms, but you are not able to use them at the same time
3. An opportunity to "create" them out of the old characters, for example: If you want to have Jedi Luke, you have to build a Light saber for him, with some gear or shards or whatever.

PS: i am not a native speaker, so sorry about any mistakes i made. I think all of you understand what i wanted to say :)


  • KamikazeRhombus
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    Don't worry about your English, you write better than some of the native English speakers I see online. :)

    As for your question, I would want option two where they are separate characters with different moves but cannot be used together.

    Edit: turns out I can't spell either haha
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  • Ztyle
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum, don't worry about your english, I think there are many of us that don't speak english as first language :)

    I'm parted between 2 & 3, for I love to have as many toons as possible, but I also like the progress of toon idea
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  • Nauros
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    I think that we can rule out option 3, since Old Ben is the "final" stage story-wise (I don't think we will get force ghosts here). And because it is even now possible to have 4 Anakins on the same battleground, I see number 1 as the most probable. Also, I want a team composed entirely of one person!
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  • I agree with you, I don't like the idea of having a team that is only Lukes or one of some other character. So I would rather have option 2. 3 sounds interesting, but only if it has the option to change back and forth between the versions (which would essentially be 2)
  • I'm pretty sure 'Dark Side Anakin' is named Darth Vader... ;)

    A lot of assumptions that the upcoming Jedi task character will be Yoda but it could very easily be Jedi Luke who is probably the #2 most requested Jedi behind the little green dude.
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