Do chromiums ever drop at 5*?

Just curious if they ever drop that high or is usually 4 or lower?


  • I haven't bought many chromiums, but I have never got more than a 4 Star.
  • No. 4* is the highest any char starts at
  • Each character has a set starting * level. They will always unlock at that * level.

    The only known natural 5* is the character being released in the upcoming Jedi Only Event.

    So, short answer, no, they don't ever drop at 5*. But they might at some point in the future.
  • I hate you EA. I am deleting the game and never coming back! I want a refund on my heroine pack even tho it was exactly what you said it was. Argghhhhhhhhh rage darkside hatred.

    Just kidding. I figured but thought I'd ask. Thanks for the information.
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