Guild Job Fair MAY 2017! [New Hires] [Non-Heroic and New Guilds]

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New Guilds looking for young and valuable talent?

WELL here is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Communuty, and for those looking for a guild here is your chance to offer your services and ask general questions about standards or raid times.

This is a chance to bring people together in one open forum!

Post Your Raid Times / Goals / Recruting Needs and Contact Information
Tell New Hires about your guild!

ONE Advertisement per Guild (all others will be deleted)
NO Guild Smack Talk

Any guild reps can answer new hire questions, all other responses non related will be removed!

New Hires looking for a guild! Ask questions, look around, get to know the guilds and what you are looking for ! I am sure reps from these guilds will Direct Message you also!

Wicked Sith Queen with the Pink Saber
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  • Zaraos
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    The Secluded Empire: Currently 50/50 (Removing some less committed players)

    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for some active players to help our fast growing guild achieve even greater accomplishments

    About us:

    Heroic Rancor Raid: >30 mins to drop, 2-3 Raids a week. 0 Damage rule for the first 22 hours.

    Normal Tank Raid: 36 Hrs Days to drop, Remains open very frequently

    Heroic Tank Raid: We have recently began mass preparation for this raid, Join today and work with us towards this goal that will be achieved. Next Trial run is towards the end of may

    Tier 6 Rancor Raid: 24-30 hours to drop, This raid is discontinued in the guild, But will be done on occasion, should we need a break from heroic

    Guild Reset: 01:00 GMT (20:00 EST)
    Heroic Rancor Attack Time: 23:00 GMT+1, (18:00 EST) (After the 22 Hour 0 Damage Rule)
    Normal Tank Start Time: 01:00 GMT+1 (20:00 EST)

    We are a determined and friendly group, making strong progress but with a semi-relaxed attitude. We use a Zero Damage 22 hours rule on heroic rancor, just to give everyone a chance to hit the raid before it drops. But we have professional and experienced players ready to advice on raid tactics to help improve your overall output.

    we have players of all levels but have a strong core of 80-85 players and are finding heroic rancor very easy in general, Perfect time to join if you want han solo!


    Ideally looking for stronger players to join but we are currently open to anyone as long as they are active and willing to put in the work to improve themselves and the guild.

    Activity is our number one requirement, anything else we can work on along the way :)

    Level 80+: This may increase to 85 in the near future but we do not remove members we had before the requirement comes into place.

    We need people who are willing to start on or work on the following teams above there own personal goals for the good of the guild, so we can all start farming Heroic tank, its ok if you dont even have these characters but you must be prepared to start farming characters and gearing them for the good of the heroic tank.

    Phase 1 Team: Zylo, but we have enough to clear this in 20 mins, so this is not a priority.

    Phase 2 Teams:
    Droids, Nebit and Jawa Engineer.
    Resistance (Not recommended but acceptable)
    Clones and Leia (Best team but requires a long farm on sarge)
    Zader, Zidious, Shaman, Phasma, EE (Strong team but only if you have easy access to zeta)

    Phase 3 Teams:
    Chipatine with tanks
    TM removal Teams
    Jawa teams (Not if farming droids)
    Jedi Teams (Not Recommended but acceptable)

    Phase 4 Teams:
    (See phase 2 teams)
    Clones and Leia (Priority)

    We need people willing to farm towards at least one of these squad, one for each phase (2-4)

    The Main rule is to be respectable and friendly to each other, we wont tolerate people just being generally horrible human beings.

    Contribution to daily tickets is a factor we require, please be sure to spend your 600 energy a day to help keep the raids open

    Contributing to the raids is required, even if you do 0 damage, it helps you get gear so you can improve and do better

    Damaging the Heroic rancor during the 0 damage time will award the player with a strike, on the second strike the player is removed.


    Zaraos and Serean: Husband and Wife team, Joint Guild Leaders
    Falen Lacer OG: Raid Commander
    ObiYuan: Community Relations

    Contact us:

    Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions. but you can also contact us on line

    Line ID: Secludedempire
    Ally Code: 921-371-176

    Many thanks and i hope to hear from you all very soon!
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    Hello all. We are a strong up and coming guild we currently run T5 & T6 raids with T5's being dropped in the next week or two to focus solely on T6 and prepping for Heroic in the coming weeks. We raid between 6-8pm CST time and always post 24 hours ahead of time to give a heads up. We raid just about every other day to keep the flow.

    All we ask is be friendly, hit your daily 600, and donate if you can. We are only as strong as our fellow guild mates. Our goal is to grow as one together.

    We use Line to communicate more freely and have several veteran users that can help with virtually any advice you can think off.

    Ally me if you're interested 414-695-431
    Or message me on Line ID : Emperorsdoomsday
  • TWD_Negan
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    Hello, I am the proud leader of TWD Saviors. B)

    About TWD Saviors
    -We're a mix of casual and hardcore gamers.
    -Average at least 15k tickets per day.
    -5 days of consecutive inactivity will result in booting, or subject to leader's discretion.
    -Completes daily guild activities, often high tier
    -Donations are often finished or close to it
    -No enforced 600 ticket rule
    -Must have at least 1 6 * toon in their roster
    -Line group set up, optional to join, but highly recommended.
    -50/50 members

    About TWD Saviors raids
    -tier 6 rancor.
    -12 hour 0 damage rule for rancor. Raids start 7:30 pm PST, attacks the following 7:30 am PST, and roster refresh 1 am PST.
    -NAAT will be FFA

    Leader contact details
    Further questions? Message me, or post further questions below with the tag @TWD_Negan
    Want quick response? Add me on line app, lineid twd_Negan
    Want to join? Add me using ally code 632-143-884

    Roster updated 11:27 am PST may 21
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    Hey y'all, I represent Darkstar Heroes and we are looking for active new talent!

    About Darkstar Heroes
    -Majority are active players
    -5k ticket average
    -Atm, no immediate action results in termination
    -Completes at least first tier of daily guild activities
    -Donations encouraged
    -No enforced 600 ticket rule
    -Players range from 20-80
    -Line group chat optional

    About Darkstar Heroes raids
    -Raids range from tier 3-5 rancor
    -Mountain time zone
    -we are about to start non heroic takedown in the next 24 hours so JOIN NOW!

    Laid back guild that's interested in helping you level up and gear up and raid as much as possible.

    Further questions? Ask missekay
    Want real time response? Add on the line app missekay
    Want to join? Add 397-399-911
  • Georgemi6
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    Hey everyone I'm currently an officer in the guild, "New Galactic Order." We're currently running tier 6 rancor and AAT and we'd love to have some new members around to help us get to heroic rancor (we need the gear) we're pretty laid back but we'd like if new members are active and of a decently high level with a few 7* toons.
    Ally code: 514-413-733
  • smninja73
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    Hey yo My game name is TheUltimateGentleman and i'm currently running a guild of me and 2 others and we want to eventually grow to a full active guild that does heroic raids and all i ask if u join this guild all I ask is that you 1. Stay Active, 2.Participate in whatever you can, 3.Be friendly and ask for advice in the chat, 4.Have fun because we don't want the over hardcore "oh i ABSOLUTLEY MUST get #1 in both arena and fleet arena and have the ultimate meta and ur all scrubs and i'm just here for raid pieces grrr". Yeah I dont want none of that. One other thing unless i get like 30 people to join in a very short time the guild i'm running is not gonna grow fast(though i hope it does). so yeah I just want people who want to have some fun and gather some raid Furnaces and Nubian Scanners to get ur favorite character to g11 and just have some fun. So look if u want in just send an ally request to 712-964-872. Oh and on the note of raid start times i really dont have a set time for starting anything yet but if the guild grows enough we'll have those times set. So yeah I hop i get some requests for the guild. P.S first 2 requests get ranked up to officer(if they want to)[the reason i am doing this is because there are only 2 other people besides myself in the guild as mentioned above]. P.P.S if u do choose to become an officer you will be held extra accountable.
  • Tantema_Garnik
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    Deutsch sprechende Gilde ZUKUNFT nAAT/Rancor6 (48/50)

    Wer sind wir:
    Aktive, seit April 2016 bestehende, Gilde von lvl32 bis 85.
    Wir benutzen den standart Chat im Game für Infos.
    600 Tickets ist kein Zwang - Spass haben schon ;-)

    Was suchen wir:
    Aktive Leute die auch Spass am Spiel haben. Sich untereinander austauschen wollen. Informationen und Neuigkeiten weiter geben.

    1 für öffentlich Arbeit der den thread sinn voll füllt und meine Schreibfehler entfernt
    2 Plätze (idealerweise mit einem 6* für Raid)

    Was bieten wir:
    Lvl 32-50: Tutor Programm für neue Spieler (Arena, GW, mods)
    Lvl 50-80: Raids Optimierung (Grube/AAT)
    Lvl 70-80: EP, Yoda und R2D2 Events Vorbereitung
    Lvl 72-80: Omega Programm
    LVL 80+: ZETA und GrossKampfSchiff Programm

    Neue Grube und AAT Raids werden immer rechtzeitig angekündigt, dass jeder Teilnehmen kann.
    (Wenn Du nach dem Start des Raids neu hinzu kommst, dann sperrt Euch EA leider für die Dauer des Raids.)

    Leader: Killer
    Offiziere: lepmur, Tantema_Garnik (859-392-459)

    Einfach Nachricht mit Ally-code senden an @Tantema_Garnik.
    Sonst, wenn du keinen Forumakkount hast (859-392-459) in game hinzufügen
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    Looking for a forward thinking, organized, international guild on the verge of becoming something much, much bigger? Scroll down no more! We are about a week away from merging with a heroic aat guild, with plans of growing into an alliance of 5-6 guilds in preparation for more advanced content (new raids, guild v guild, etc) that will surely be coming our way.

    Guild Name – Dabbing Scoundrels
    Timezone – US
    - We would like you to attempt to get 600 Daily Contribution
    - Be working towards teams that are capable of doing 2% in each phase of HAAT
    Rancor – We run 3 heroic rancor raids/week. 24 hour zero damage rule. We run raids at different times to accommodate many time zones around the world
    Tank - We Run 2 normal aat/week. 24 hour zero damage rule.

    Lvl 80+ preferred, though exceptions can be made for exceptional candidates.

    We are a long-running international guild with members in US, South America, Europe and Australia.

    Join us, or don't!

    We are currently at 49/50 members.

    Obi Wad - 394-931-371

    Discord is strongly encouraged.
    Reach me at Obi Wad#7738
  • tazlightoller
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    Guild Name- Vong Warriors
    Leader - Taz Lightoller (level 85) 755-381-332
    Officers - Harley Quinn (level 75) 345-167-114, Charlord (level 85) 348-546-276, Higgie (level 85)
    Members # - 10 active members including officers and leader

    Rules- Keep active, 10 day inactivity gets you removed. Hit the 600 if you can (life is a busy thing), be respectful

    Raids - Largest Rancor ran, Tier 5. Run Tier 6 Tank Raid (takes forever)

    Time of Raids - Tank raid is always usually open since it takes so long for us to complete. Rancor opens mostly on weekends, usually Fridays (US Central Time) would like to run more but need more consistent members who participate. Same with Tank.

    Goals - Han Solo Shards (Heroic Rancor) and General Kenobi Shards (Heroic Tank)

    3 current level 85's who have been playing this game since inception, another member to level up to 85 soon. A few members started at earliest level you can join and now boast level 70s. We do have patience in letting members level up and helping them level up with donations in guild exchange. We don't run much chat, but if a question is asked we generally answer as quickly as possible. We just run the chat that comes with the game.

    General Rule, if we have an abundance of low level players, we run more Tier 1 and 2 Rancor and level 85's either don't participate or run their low level teams to help the lower level guys to earn the better gear. Not a whole lot of pressure, very relaxed guild. I do prefer if you level up with us, you stay with us. And have patience for the rest of our group to level up and achieve the ultimate goals.

    We are mostly F2P players, some spend a little.

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  • Azryel
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    White Lotus Society (and White Lotus Society SG)

    Leader: Azryel
    Ally Code: 899-393-196
    LINE id: azry3l

    We are a very competitive guild mixed of some whales and F2P. We currently decided to take the direction of a completely competive guild. We do not have many rules but the 600/600 a day is a must. We are currently in final preparations to take down the HAAT to get our General Kenobi Shards. We are looking for players that have those caliber of teams or just short that want to grow with us.

    About us:

    United States
    Eastern Time Zone (Many Members All Over the World)

    Heroic Rancor Raid: <20 minutes to drop , 3 Raids/Week . 0 Damage rule for the first 12 hours . We do have our 7* Han members get a 0 attack so that everyone else get there quicker.

    9am Open - 9pm Attack

    Normal Tank Raid: Tank drops before reset < 24 hrs - 2 NAAT/ Week

    Opens at reset 1am EST

    Heroic Tank Raid: We were very close on our May 1st attempt and are only a few members away from making it a reality. We are in complete prep stage to take the HAAT.

    Please request to be my Ally or Add me on LINE to join.

  • SlyGambit
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    Dads Hideout (DHO) is looking for a few good dads willing to apply a dad-level commitment to a mobile app.

    The Dad Level Commitment Scale™ is as follows:
    1. Kids
    2. Work
    3. Console/PC Games
    4. Mobile Games
    5. Wife/Significant Other

    We have been around quite a while and do T7 Pit raids 2-3 times a week and T6 AAT 1-2 times a week. We have attempted the HAAT and are able to make it through most of P2 but have yet to completely crack that nut. If you're a dad and are looking to help a guild make the leap from AAT to HAAT then drop me a PM.

    We have a full website that supports all of our dad activities including a vast archive of dad jokes passed on over generations that we slowly drip out to the rest of the Internet whenever we feel like the kids need a new meme. The site is at and we also have a Discord server that has a dedicated channel just to talk strategies. We have some whales and some light spenders and some people like me who have played this game entirely too long.

    We also let in younger kids into the guild so long as there are enough spots so we can let them play without having to worry about what they learn from their guild chat.

    T7 Pit Raids: 24 hour 0 damage window then open season. Typically runs between 8-10 PM ET but we slip in a Friday nooner every couple weeks for guys who can't make the night version.
    AAT: Opens on launch. Currently restricted to one team in P2 and P4 but can run multiple teams in P1 and P3.

    We don't monitor daily energy in case our kids or wives steal our phones. But if someone is inactive for over a week they can be booted. But if they ever find their phone under the couch cushion they can come back in. Its not like they stopped being a dad during their downtime.
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    Dark Light Kingdom
    I'm a lvl 85 starting my own guild. Accepting anyone no matter what level. Plan on doing back to back raids.
    Add ally code for invitation. 755-189-542. Or 198-432-346 for my sub/mini
    Friendly guild with a bunch of new gamers, trying to give them a chance to level up with guidance.
  • Enrico
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    Hello! I am an officer from the guild Mysterious Strangers and we are looking for new members to grow stronger, but also to have fun with. We are currently farming Heroic Rancor and T6 AAT raid. We are doing 3 times a week Heroic Rancor and each 3 days we start T6 AAT.

    All raids start on 14:00 CST/19:00 GMT time. We do Rancor on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. We open the raid one day prior for everyone to register and after that it is Free for All. We start the AAT raid when we have enough tickets to join and is always Free for all.

    Our only requirement is that you are active, friendly and fun. We are using Telegram chat for talking and it is advised to join that chat. It is also advised to be at least level 70, but we recruit all levels.

    If you would like to join, please send me a message

    Enrico (Lance Biden)

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    Hey all,
    I'm am a proud member and officer of the guild DarthMaulz Academy.

    We are a very relaxed guild with no special rules, all we ask is for our members to join in and have fun!
    We are looking for any new members to join, but newer players who are devoted to the game are especially welcome, so that we can help you and build the power of our Academy as you progress through the game.

    We have some very active and high level members (lvl. 85) that know a lot about the game, and we are willing to share that knowledge to all, so that we can improve together and start tackling the harder raids. At the moment, we do tier 4/5 raids for our newer members, but hope that as more join and our members build in power we will start tackling harder pit raids, and even onto heroic AAT when we ahve sufficiently improved together.

    In summary, all are welcome, but we are specifically looking for a devoted player-base so that we can slowly work up to heroic raids together.
    But most importantly, of course, is to have fun!

    If you are interested, go to the Allies button and search the codes:
    213-757-516 (Darth Turk, guild leader)
    139-381-644 (me, Dagelon, guild officer)
    Then ask to join the guild and add us to your friends list!

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Reaper19 wrote: »
    Dark Light Kingdom
    I'm a lvl 85 starting my own guild. Accepting anyone no matter what level. Plan on doing back to back raids.
    Add ally code for invitation. 755-189-542. Or 198-432-346 for my sub/mini
    Friendly guild with a bunch of new gamers, trying to give them a chance to level up with guidance.

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    I am looking for a guild to join and have just sent you an ally request, I used to play everyday on my old tablet but it was stolen so I have restarted on my new tablet. My ally code is 917-742-414. I believe I can be an asset to your new guild. I would appreciate your consideration.
  • Davius7
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    Hello, fellow Star Warriors! Wolf Pack Warriors has one space available for an active, friendly, fun, and talkative player. We routinely run 7* Pit Raids (almost 3x per week) and normal AAT raids. We're growing in power quickly and have set our sights on heroic AAT. We're not ready yet, but you can help us become so!

    Our members range in level from the 70's to 85 and in age from the teens to low 50's. Our guild doesn't require the use of any third party apps. All time zones and ages are welcome, but our raid times match those of most of our members, who are North American.

    If you're looking for an active guild, generate 500+ guild tickets a day, and have some 7* characters, send me a PM. We'll toss an invite your way!
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm the co-leader of <Is Not Your Father> We are a husband and wife founded guild based on the belief that friends and family (and real life in general) come first, and games second. Being a first-responder family, we know exactly how crazy and unpredictable real life can be, and how schedules can change without warning. :) So we created a family and older player-friendly environment, and are looking to welcome new members into our "online family."

    All we require from any potential recruits are:
    • Respectfulness to other members
    • Do what you can to help others (we're all in this together) or help the guild as a whole
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions if you need help - or answer questions if you can.
    Since we'd like to begin raiding (preferably T6 Pit and non-heroic Tank) as soon as our roster fills out, we are initially hoping to catch the interest of players who are at least level 70, but exceptions can be made for good people who are actively working on their rosters. Good people are more important than purple pixels!

    We don't care if our members:
    • Are Arena Rank 1 or 1,000,000
    • Are FTP, or if you've spent a little here and there
    • Contribute 600 energy a day, or if you only have time to log in and do a couple of things.
    We understand that some days you have more time than others. It all evens out over time. :)

    What we will do for you:

    We understand that your time is precious. Between work, family, and other real life obligations, time is a valuable commodity, and we feel that no member should be forced to choose between spending time with your children or loved ones, or somehow feeling pressured to log in and jump through hoops meeting someone else's minimum requirements. We will never make you feel guilty or somehow less valued if you don't hit your 600/600 daily contribution.

    We will provide a friendly, respectful guild that values each and every member, and the time that they choose to spend with us. We will treat everyone equally, and always try to accommodate all our members' schedules when starting raids. For example, whether start times will be EST, CST, or PST will be determined by consensus. Once agreed upon, notifications in guild chat will be posted well before launch (no surprise raids started on random days/times) so we can hopefully allow the most members possible to participate. If we get members from multiple time zones, we can also rotate raid start days/times to make it fair for all.

    We will also not remove members for extended absences. Real life happens, we understand. All we ask is if you're going to be away for more than a couple of weeks, just try to let us know in guild chat.

    If you're interested in joining a friendly, laid-back family, feel free to send me a PM, or contact me via the following Ally code: 912-712-329. You can also reach my husband through his ally code: 742-444-676. One of us, or one of our other officers will be sure to get back with you quickly.

    Thank you! <3
  • Blixion
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    Hello everyone! My name is Blix, and I am an officer of the guild HalfRogueOnes. I joined this guild because I wanted to find one that would have good communication, teamwork, and that I would be able to progress with. I have found a permanent home. I am level 72, mostly F2P, and have never had this much fun in GoH.

    We're not up to heroic standards yet, but we recently transitioned to regular T5 Rancor that we can beat in about 2 days. When I joined two months ago, they were doing tier 3's and the occasional 4. We've decided today that we will be doing T6 for the first time on the first day of June, and the goal is to complete one heroic by the end of Summer. Progress is being made, and we want you to be a part of it!

    What we want: Friendly, active, and fun players to complement our existing roster.
    We have: 43/50 spots filled, levels ranging from 48 to 81. We would love to have a few level 85's and our target range is 70+.

    Requirements: Level 70+ is what we hope for, but 50 is the minimum.
    Donation requirements are very simple, and the bare minimum is 20 a month.
    The only reason a member would be removed is if they are utterly disrespectful, or do not hold to the donation standard. We put warnings in the guild banner to keep track of this.

    If you're interested, my ally code is 265-184-379. Our leader Jalebu Burtoni's ally code is 474-918-491.

    Come progress with us, I swear you won't regret it!
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    We are a developing guild getting ready to move into the Heroic AAT/Rancor raids. Looking for a few members who are active daily.

    Fieldgulls - 41/50
    AAT- Constant rotation, takes 7-8 days to complete
    Rancor T5 & T6 2 to 3 times per week. 0/24 rules put in place determined at time of raid.
    Guild Chat used for communication
    Guild Reset- 7:30pm PST
    Daily Activity: 600 daily encouraged
    Donations- suggest if you ask for gear give some gear at least 5.
    We are currently helping members advance to be able to compete in heroic raids and AAT. Weekly activity is required, daily preferred.

    landoMANYlakes -Guild Leader 939-612-642
    RedMosquito- Guild Officer 334-553-129
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    The People's Guild is looking at YOU. The People's Guild is a semi-casual guild, reset is 8PM EDT, with three 85's and some in the 70's. We are running tier 6 Rancor and nAAT as often as possible. Currently a small guild of 19 and looking for active players looking to enjoy a relaxing environment. Come and grow with us. All we ask is you do your best to get 540 tickets a day and be willing to grow. Interested? Send an ally request to Traylon Satty 925-371-392

  • Crin_Leo
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    Join Idiocracy. We have electrolytes what the force craves.

    Low level guild of relaxed folks looking to advance raids up to tier 5.

    Lots of space available. Great donaters, invite your friends and join us.

    Not many rules other than treat others with respect.

  • PrincessP0Pcorn
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    Nox Invictus

    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for some active players to help our fast growing guild achieve even greater accomplishments
    About us:

    Heroic Rancor Raid: usually around 30 mins to an hour to drop, 1-2 Raids a week. 0 Damage rule for the first 24 hours.

    We are a very friendly guild of relaxed people. We play because we like star wars, not because we have rules of requirement.
    As one of our members, Alexanderc wrote: “This guild is awesome for people who are pretty serious, but it isn’t their job. People can come and have fun playing, but we’re not going to boot them for taking a day off or having finals or something. That just makes me want to play more because I’m not worried that I might screw something up”.

    Normal Tank Raid: Is typically completed in under 2 days

    Heroic Tank Raid: We have recently begun mass preparation for this raid, Join today and work with us towards this goal that will be achieved.


    Contribution to daily tickets is the goal, but not a necessity.

    Damaging the Heroic rancor during the 0 damage time frequently will result in booting

    We boot after about 15 days of inactivity, but generally this is not an issue.

    Simply treat one another with respect.

    Download the line app and join our guild (not required but highly encouraged). We like to get to know one another and sometimes hold contests where you can earn prizes!


    Guild Leader: Nessio

    Director: Coramoor

    Officers: Lizsen, Alexanderc, Aswamp Donky, Beelzebub

    Contact us:

    Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions. but you can also contact us on line or by adding me into your allies.

    Line ID: Coramoor
    Ally Code:227-861-924

    Many thanks and i hope to hear from you all very soon!
    《Belief is not Required》
  • Heiko
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    Wir sind eine Deutsche Gilde, die noch aktive Mitglieder sucht. Wir spielen ausschließlich T7 Rancor Raids und den normalen aat.
    Ab Stufe 80 sind alle herzlich willkommen!
    Vergesst nicht, das ihr in keiner Gilde sein dürft wenn ihr eine anfrage macht. Sonst funktioniert es nicht !!!!

    Bündniscode: 131-154-733
    Gildenname: Dagobah Rebells

    Grüße ... Tektonik
  • TonyVisor
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    Guild a New Hope

    Currently 45/50
    T7 Pit 0 damage for 24 hours
    HAAT first attempt this week

    We are a casual guild with a great core of players. We had a big shakeup recently and added some fresh new faces eager to push into HAAT.

    Activity is required. Earn tickets, get loot. Simple rules. Discord is required.

    Please send PM if interested.
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    The Malevolent Marauders Alliance is recruiting for all of our guilds, 21 in total. 11 of these are farming HAAT. If you want to start farming Kenobi or aren't quite ready yet but need help and advice on where to focus in a friendly helpful group feel free to send me a message. We have guilds across all timezones so I'm sure we can find you a new home.
  • Vikan88
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    we are lvl 85 players ho started a New guild when the other guild was not good. we take all have to be active player and play like a team in the raids. you also need to use the chat in the game to stay in touch with other members. with many active players we can soon take on heroic raids. lower raids will be done sometimes, so lower lvl players can get ally code is:593-648-645

    send a ally request and i Will add you to the team:)
  • Snoob
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST/PDT

    We are a mixed nation guild and we are recruiting new members. We raid multiple times a week and can take out heroic Rancor within 30 minutes. We have a 24h no dmg rule, then FFA. We can beat Normal Tank within 10 hours and the goal is Heroic Tank.

    We are looking for active players 80+ level, and you should at least have one 7* toon for Rancor rewards. We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    We are also a very kind and helpful guild and we want to improve ourselves so we can defeat the heroic tank raid as soon as possible.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    Hope to see you soon in our guild!
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  • Brad6a
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    The Last Days of Sun

    Hello. Looking for active players of all levels. We do AAT Normal and Rancor V soon to move up to tier VI. We are a very helpful and friendly guild who chat alot. The only requirement is you try to max out daily tickets. We are relaxed so noone will be kicked for not maxing out or not logging in a day here n there, but we are trying to recruit so we can do higher level content. We have a strong core all around 80+ with multiple teams.
    Weather your just starting out and need help with gear or mechanics or just in general or your an 85 complete boss youll be welcomed!
    Any questions or want info PM me or add me ingame for an invite.
    We have 40/50 members but can trim some as they have not been active for 2-3 weeks if a possible merger presents itself. If that happens all current officer's can keep their rank.
    Hope to see ypu soon Soliders!

    Player ID- 787-785-317

    We are Born from the light of the Sun. It is the Privilege of Lesser men to light the Flame
  • Leon_Kyros
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    edited June 2017
    I am the leader of this guild working on finding a few officers who are willing to chat offline as well
    Hettyc Verd Legion -guild name
    EST -time zone
    Have fun, participate daily, and there is a 7 day inactivity kick time -short version of rules
    Line or Discord is used for offline chat -third party chat apps you use
    Any tier that is requested by anyone who needs guild -which tier of The Pit raid you are currently raiding
    Friendly guild willing to help anyone and everyone get what they need.
    Line ID is leonkyros if you are interested message me on there and ill send you an invite link to the discord channel
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