What type of player are you?

Since I started posting in this forum I noticed there are different type of players that want different things from the game.

Some just want to win, to them a meta is the greatest thing as long as they have it, so they love the current situation (the ones that do have the meta toons). The so called meta chasers.
Some just want to beat the meta, so they will always use the counters of said meta. They will always love the game indifferent of the situation since they will always have a target to conquer.
Some would like to use different teams and different tactics against different opponents, even though this is hard to do in the current situation. The ones doing most of complaining to the dismay or puzzlement of the ones above.
Finally others, probably the most happy, that don't care about the arena and ranking, who just use the toons they like, either because they liked the SW characters or they like a faction.

Some posters is easy to see to which category they fall, but to the others, where do you feel you belong? Is there any other type that I you feel you belong?


  • Mullato
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    Jedi #1 regardless of meta.
  • I am a counter player. Why everyone wants to play the same five against the same 5 is beyond me.
  • Kissycat
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    I'm more of a collector. I want to get all toons unlocked and geared. I don't really care about my arena rank as long as I'm above 200 for 2 arena shop purchases a day.
    I also enjoy theory crafting raid teams and playing with different comps.
  • whatever i feel like, and what looks cool and OP. xD
    this is why im part of the Zaul meta, i used to be part of the Poe and rey speed meta muhaha, and i hated the Wiggs meta. rebel scum...

    im doing clones now. mostly for the HAAT, but why no one use it for arena? they awesome
  • leef
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    it's all about being ahead of the curve, chasing the meta sucks ;)
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  • Broulan
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    Had to take 7 months off for work, so I pretty much run what I have/like in arena and focus on raid toons. Believe it or not I think the cooperation and coordination to raid haat is harder than a top arena spot. That being said my shard is old enough that GK is all over the top charts.
  • Supercat
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    Beating people w/ interesting team comps. Not too interested about rank.
    (Theorycraft, but hard to do when F2P)
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  • Woodroward
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    In Magic the Gathering there are names for different types of players:

    Spike: Doesn't care how he wins as long as he wins most of the time
    Johnny: Doesn't care how often he wins as long as he does it with his own unique strategy.
    Timmy: Doesn't care how often he wins as long as he absolutely demolishes the opponent sometimes.

    There's another one for players who are more interested in flavor than anything else, but I can't remember it or find it. There's also combos of these players.

    I bring it up because this game is quite similar in its aptitudes.

    In MTG vernacular I am a Johnny/Timmy/Spike. My first priority is to win with my own combos, then I want to win big, then I care about how many I win.
  • Ztyle
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    Collector, and making the toons I like viable in the way I see them, had great success in the past, struggles a little atm, but I'm certaint that I can make it happen, despite my poor mods
    Don't care much about arena ranking never had, but top 50 is a good place to test my sometimes weird ideas, which again wasn't a goal but something that just happened, Barriss lead in top 50 In the middle of the Poe vs. Poe raffle
    And when have I found the game boring or extremely annoying (Streak upon Streak of bad RNG) the Slugs have always made the game interesting, hurray for guilds
    My collection if anyone cares: https://swgoh.gg/u/ztyle/collection/
    I'm Danish , Leader of the Space Slug Alliance , living the SlugLife , My collection
  • What type of player am I? The inactive kind.
  • veejayti
    168 posts Member
    im a star wars universe fan and a huge fan of the old school rpg final fantasy esque style of play the game has adopted.
  • therealsithvader
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    edited May 2017
    Cassual f2p player i play different arena teams sometimes sith sometimes jedi sometimes rebells and try to find anti meta teams and new combinations of characters https://swgoh.gg/u/therealsithvader/collection/ my collection
  • Star Wars fan who prefers the bad guys, borderline casual/metagamer, only semi-serious about trying to win at arena & ships.

    I like to win, try to do well with characters that I like (which may or may not be part of "the meta"), and have climbed pretty far in rank from where I started. But I don't care enough about rank to precisely copy top arena squads or switch my main focus to good guys.
  • Georgemi6
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    I use toons that I like, unless they are absolutely terrible. For instance, I'd like to use my grievous, but he is just terrible so there's no way.
  • JRCPKT99
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    I hate to admit. I am a meta chaser. I try to stay ahead of it but I will copy my guild mates.
  • Ig88isboss
    1752 posts Member
    I will never chase the meta. I'm always that guy shaking up the top 20 with something unique.
  • Collector.

    There are toons I farm because I like them and may never use them (Greedo), but I also farm meta toons for arena resources so I can keep building.
  • I farm who I like and from that I make my arena team. I collect as many toons as I can and try to finish top 100 in arena
  • CaptainRex
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    I'm part collector (currently using all my arena tokens to 7* CUP), but I'm also super competitive. I despise having the same meta team as everyone else, which is why I love Rex, since you can plug any toon into your squad and still have a decent chance to win (though if Rex, the anti-meta, is the most used leader, does that make him the meta? Hmmm.)
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  • I'm a collector who doesn't really care about my arena ranking (but for some reason do care about my fleet ranking because I've stayed in the top 300 ever since it came out) mainly because I played the game for almost a year before stepping into the forums so I didn't even know there was a meta. So I mostly just farmed characters that I like/care about so my characters are all over the map. Now I'm trying to get a viable arena team done without giving up the work that I've already put into characters that aren't popular (Tarkin, who is my fleet commander). It also doesn't help that I'm f2p.

    I'm also trying to get a decent scoundrel team done for the credit heist because I'm always needing credits.
  • Brainsym
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    I'm in my own world
  • TofuMao
    630 posts Member
    I care about arena but being F2P doesn't let me much room to play, started July 2016 and had old Ben lead on the top 20, then fell to top 50 or worse while I was farming my whole dark team, been using zader lead until now, got kenobi and nihilus geared up now( well nihilus is 15 merr son doughnuts away from gear XI) and will now wait for the tarking rework and see if I follow the meta or not ^_^ maybe chaze and R2 or the newest meta.
    So I like to win no matter what but don't go crazy about it I could have zmaul geared or zkylo but I don't like them so I kept my zader, but ready to chase meta if I like the toons, if not I'll counter but always have to be competitive.
  • Dameron
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    I just play for fun and use characters I like. I try to do as best as I can in arenas for better rewards, but I don't care about competing.
  • Haydigan
    414 posts Member
    I'm a collector primarily and have been focused on unlocking all of the characters and trying to get my guild over the line with the HAAT.

    With only 65 shards left to unlock GK as my last character, it's time for me to focus on my arena, where I usually rank between 40-60, but could improve in the next month with some focus and discipline.

    I don't take the game too seriously, except for my responsibilities as a Guild Leader, where I just want to help the other 49 guys reach their goals if I can.
  • ProximaB1_
    1093 posts Member
    Quantity over quality is my style works terrible but I enjoy switch squads when ever I feel the itch.
  • I'm definitely the type who wants to be able to play what I want because I enjoy the style. Sadly for me, my favourite faction play-styles are Droids and Clones, who are not currently great anywhere that isn't the Tank.
  • RacerDejak
    3203 posts Member
    Nah just playing.. but i like burst team.. pew pew pewww!! my arena is sucks.. but i have team that fun to play with :relaxed:
  • meta chaser any day.
  • DarthApok
    277 posts Member
    I'm a fan of force users in SW so Jedi/Sith are my favorite factions and I use them. I'm pretty much completed with my Sith team so I'm going to focus more on my Jedi now as far as zetas and such and try to build a team their. Just no access to GK which is a real bummer for me..
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