Gear challenges

Hi! I'm curious, which of the three gear challenges do you like to play the most? (TAC Tank, AGI Support, or STR Attacker). Personally i love playing the TAC challenge, i find the other two very boring.


  • To actually play them? None of them. I like to sim them.
    Which is the one that benefits me the most? Currently AGI because of the Syringes. But lately I've been having quite a few characters needing carbs, so probably STR is going to become my favorite pretty soon.
  • RacerDejak
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    I only played it when i 3 star-ed them, then sim all the time. Now i forgot how the battle is. :(

    The fight againts mace and savage pretty frustating tho. Other relatively easy
  • AGI, I am needing syringes as well.
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