Shardmates: Brutum, Manga, Barfolomew, vA SPECTRUM, PSosa, Cass Roots, CJ Sears, Shibas Skotch



  • It's 5216
  • game ID : Falen Lacer2 , Discord ID : uknong#3652. would like to join the Arena discord server, PO time GMT+5.5
  • Mermando
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    Hey guys my discord is Mermando#8907 can you inv me in the grp
  • Manumicio
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    Hey Guys, is this shard chat still active?
    I would like to climb a bit higher in Rank, im always ending between 30 - 70 depending on how bad the night was ;-)
    My Ally code is 633-355-845 (Manumicio)
    Swiss Garde Officer, drop me a message if you're interested joining
  • Rozach
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    Hey can I get an invite to the discord I'm also in the shard I'm also usually between 20th and 10th roz#1826 is my discord
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