HotFix Update 5/17/2017

Here are the updates for 5/17/2017!

All instances of Expose will no longer prevent a new instance of Expose from being inflicted.
  • Finn: Reverted description of "Takedown" in light of Expose consistency pass.
  • Resistance Pilot: Reverted description of "Outmaneuver" in light of Expose consistency pass.
  • Resistance Trooper: Reverted description of "Flush Out" in light of Expose consistency pass.
  • For more information on Expose, please refer to @CG_NotReallyAJedi 's Expose exposé <<LINKED HERE>>
Vader Bug Vanquish
As there's been some (understandable!) confusion over whether Vader is still bugged or no, let's address the smoldering helmet in the room.
Here is a breakdown of events: There were two bugs associated with Darth Vader
  • Bug 1: his leader ability stacking on multiple encounters
  • Bug 2: his leader ability not interacting with Palpatine's "Crackling Doom"
After it was reported by our intrepid Players via Bugs and Issues, our team identified and fixed Bug 1. Then we fixed Bug 2.
  • What we didn't know: Fixing Bug 2 broke Bug 1.
But worry not! Our team has returned to this issue, successfully addressed both bugs and once this update goes live, BOTH bugs should be appropriately fixed and all will be well in the Galaxy.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Vader's Leader ability to remove more turn meter than intended on encounters beyond the first in a battle.
  • Cassian Andor: "Crippling Shot" will no longer copy Burning to all enemies, and will no longer cause Evasion triggers on targets besides the primary target.
  • Old Daka's leader ability "Nightsister Elder" now grants the correct defense amount for all tiers.
  • Snowtrooper: "Overwhelming Assault" will now be used correctly by the AI, instead of only when it would be able to defeat an enemy.
  • Jawa Engineer's "Recalibrate" now correctly fires at the specified ally targets.
  • The increased attack on the unique ability of Jedi Knight Anakin will now calculate correctly when he has additional attack buffs on him.
  • Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter: "Grudge" will now grant the correct amount of Turn Meter and Defense to itself when a buffed enemy starts their turn.
  • First Order TIE Fighter: "Relentless Pursuit" base tier will now grant the correct amount of Turn Meter.
  • TIE Reaper: "Grim Voyage" tier 1 upgrade will now remove the correct amount of Turn Meter from the Capital Ship.
  • Fixed a bug with Cassian's U-Wing that was granting too much dodge and crit avoidance to non-rebel allies
  • PvE Jedi Sentinel now correctly removes Turn Meter on target.
  • PvE Commando Droid Diplomat’s stealth will now expire when it is supposed to.
  • The PvE version of Sandtrooper is now correctly applying the intended DOTs in battle

What's Ahead
Content! the mysterious 'Upcoming Event Series' and news lay ahead in our upcoming Game Update.

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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