Ashes of Korriban recruiting all levels! (Heroic Guild)

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I'll keep it short and sweet, we're a top UK guild ranked 700-800 worldwide.

We have a UK timezone guild that runs Heroic Rancor and Normal AAT (It HAS faced HAAT twice and is VERY VERY close to beating it, just need a couple more hitters). Currently has 49 members but can demote a few lower ticket earners if lots of interest.

We also have a smaller EST US timezone guild called AoK Acolytes ran by one of the main guild officers (a super whale) who can guide lower players. Is capable of Heroic Rancor if everyone got a 7* to be carried.

600 tickets are required in main, but it won't be a case of one day missed you get booted (like other guilds), we're a close team. 600 isn't required in Acolytes until fully Heroic but appreciated.

Just reply here with an ally code and state which guild you prefer.
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