Login/Update Issues (5/18)

We are currently investigating reports from Players who are encountering an extended wait while trying to load into the game. These issues appear to be affecting T-Mobile users, though there have been confirmed reports that the game can still be accessed via login using Wi-Fi or VPN. Please note that while the wait is not ideal, the game can still be accessed.

Fortunately, we've seen this issue before! Our team has already identified the problem and are actively working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We will continue to share updates once we have more information. Cheers!


  • CG_Kozispoon
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    edited May 18
    UPDATE: Success! and crazy fast, holy moly. Our intrepid @EA_MindTricks is hard at work in our Bugs and Issues section, confirming reports that the issue has been resolved and affected Players can access the game normally.

    Please note that if you are encountering an issue you believe may be a bug, please post it in Bugs and Issues here on the forums. Thanks!
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