*** Top Guild UniKøRns is Recruiting ***

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Originating from the KøR family of 10 Guilds (up to 30 guilds now), last October we set out to create a new guild that was capable of completing the new Heroic AAT. Mission accomplished as we are a top guild and most of us have had 7* GK for a long time now. We defeated HAAT in the first week it was available back in October and we were also one of the Top 5 Guilds for the month of November. We can beat HAAT in less than an hour.

Since Early November, things have been quiet. But now we have rumors flying around about the possibility of Guild vs Guild. UniKøRns Will Be Ready and Will Be A Top Guild in whatever comes our way.

If you don't want to be left behind in a weak guild and have a strong account / collection score / strong mods etc...contact us TODAY!!!

UniKøRns - We figure we are special, so we must be UniKøRns, right?! :wink:

*****DAILY 600 REQUIRED******
LINE chat participation is required.
Guild Reset Time is 10:30 PM Eastern
Hard Core Players with Strong Accounts / Collection Scores / Mods

If you think you qualify and don't want to be left behind in the game that you have invested so many resources into, please reach out to us on LINE. When contacting us for consideration, please include a link to your SWGOH.gg Profile!

Key - LineID: keyman64
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