Light side 9b reversal?

I'd say maybe it was a month ago where the aoe in light side 9b were supposed to be on cool down when we enter the battle. However I tried agog in today and the aoe just kept lighting me up. I made it to stage 3 with my borrowed baze lando and biggs alive only. So did that cool down get reversed or did something break with the newest update?


  • Actually can someone move this to bug check?
  • dsteve
    91 posts Member
    They changed it so that they still go off on their first round but then have a cooldown before they can AoE a second+ time.
  • crzydroid
    4575 posts Moderator
    Right, I think they made it a special, so they can still open with it. But it used to be their basic.
  • Ok thanks guys. I just remember when they did the change i beat it 1* the same day and having all 6 enter stage 3. Now I can't do that to save my life. And my mods are like 10986799% better than I was then lol
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