Anyone playing this awesome turn based strategy game again?
I do, it's really really fun. Perfect if you have to wait for server resets or in between stuff you do in GoH ;)
Also confirmation bias! I was playing and my squad missed 4x in a row with an 78% hit change. Crazy right!

Now I don't know about you guys but I believe they are cheating on us. The numbers don't feel right and it seems AI has the advantage, the game is HARD!!!

Funny, checked the forum (http://forums.2k.com/forumdisplay.php?621-XCOM-2&s=357b7f9119f4bdd1afd3326935c3f2e3) and saw topics like:

Thread: [BUG] Hit chance 99% != 99%?
Missing 75%+, 85%+ Shots/Getting Hit Through Solid Objects
Thread: [BUG] Broken critical/dodge chance calculation
Is the RNG seed saved with the save game now?

Just a grasp out of some topics. It's funny to read every forum goes crazy about proc chances. The game is out for 2 days and people already complaining about RNG.
CG/EA isn't the only one being flamed for that.

Anyway on topic in the off topic thread, its a fun game!
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  • XCOM is so hard. I had at one point had a 98% hit, and of course missed. Love XCOM 2 though.
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  • Similar to this gamesforum. People would go nuts here if they would miss a 98% chance cause in their mind it shouldn't happen. Love the game as well, less time spend here, better time to spend there.
    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
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