Any word on a G. Grevious rework?

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In his current state, he is a good bench warming droid... he's not arena viable, nor raids viable, not even gw... If you watch the movies and clone wars series, he alongside count dooku always had the Jedi on their tip toes...

I'd really love to see a rework of him and a synergy added between him and count dooku...


  • Shaqdaddy
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    There are some great threads out there with GG and IG100 reworks with great synergy. I haven't heard anything on when though. I am right there with you though. I think they should do a faction pass for separatists with several reworks and better synergy.
  • Ig88isboss
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    Within the next couple months. And no he should not have synergy with dooku, but Synergy with ig100 magnaguard.
  • Arcaver
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    Yes, he should have one with Dooku! Dooku was his master and trainer.
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  • He should at least have extra damage perks for killing jedi's/rebels. He's more of a lack luster tank than damage dealer at the moment.
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