[Recruitment Open] Thugs in White Armor (344MM GP)—cRancor on Farm | 32/33 DS Geo, 27/36 LS Geo

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What’s up guys and gals. We're the Thugs in White Armor and we have room for exceptional players to join our ranks!


We’re a bunch of immature men and women from all around the world who have been united by our passion for Star Wars and our dark, wicked sense of humor. We’re an old guild, established in April of 2016, but we haven’t changed much. We’re an LGBTQ-friendly guild with a diverse mix of genders, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and we have people from all spectrums of the current political divide living together harmoniously.

Regarding the game itself, we have all raids on farm status including the Challenge Rancor which we overcame back when it required substantial coordination. Our raid times rotate between 5PM and 10PM EST.

With Territory Battles, we completed 45/45 in LS Hoth and 48/48 in DS Hoth prior to the release of Geonosis. We are now at 32/33 in DS Geo and 27/36 in LS Geo. We average around 30+ KAM shards and 40+ Wat shards. Members will be asked to farm appropriate teams as needed in order to maintain our progression, especially pertaining to the KAM Special Mission. Members will also be asked to inflate their Galactic Power to its highest potential. We’re currently asking new recruits to have a bare minimum of 6,000,000 GP prior to joining—but exceptions can be made for exceptional players.

Moreover, we’re also competitive in Territory Wars. We have a clean, easy, and effective strategy which has given us a win rate of 80% over the last 34 TW’s and 85% over the last 20. TW is now a mandatory guild event due to the updated rewards and matchmaking system, but we aren’t going to whip and berate you for taking a more casual approach to it. Sign up, place defense assignments, and do your best to participate in a timely manner akin to Territory Battles. Communicate your losses so we can turn it into a teaching moment for the whole guild. Our guild has many knowledgable and helpful players who will work with you if you’re intimidated or inexperienced at competitive PvP.

With that said, communication on Discord is necessary for effective coordination. As such, Discord is 100% mandatory to be part of our guild; you can keep chatting to a minimum but we do need to be able to get information to you outside of the game. As a bonus, our Discord is complete with various bots and webhooks that improve QoL. You’ll find that most of the guild is very friendly and helpful. Come for the camaraderie, stay for the memes!

We also require everyone to get 600 raid tickets daily. Sometimes this isn't always possible, but consistency is what we look for. Just communicate with us if you have any problems due to real life such as work, injury, vacation, and so forth. More raid tickets = more raids = more rewards!

We are looking for highly active players who:
  • can follow basic directions
  • are willing to farm and gear necessary characters to promote progression
  • will bring in their 600 tickets daily to ensure we can raid as often as possible
  • are willing to download Discord
  • are willing to learn and improve
  • have a certain long-time commitment to the game and their guild
  • have thick skin

We respect that everyone has a real life and this is just a game. Nevertheless, we strive to play at a competitive level and expect our members to do so as well. Not everyone can give 100% every single day which is fine, but our guild probably isn’t for you if you can’t consistently spare the 30 minutes required to complete your dailies.

We generally don't like to censor or moderate our members. That being said, you might not want to join this guild if the f-word or occasional M-rated content makes you pee your pants. Also, the only kids in our guild are immature adults and we'd like to keep it that way.

If all of that sounds like it might suit you and you want more of those sexy relic brains and those elusive KAM shards then hit me up via a direct message in game or leave a response here in this thread. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


• Independent guild running strong since April 2016
• Guild Galactic Power: 344 million and growing
• Rancor Raid: heroic on sim status
• AAT Raid: heroic on sim status
• Sith Raid: heroic on farm status
• Challenge Rancor Raid: on farm status
• Geo Territory Battles: Dark: 32/33 (40+ Wat shards), Light: 27/36 (30+ KAM shards)
• Territory Wars: strong strategy with a win rate of around 80%
• What we require: minimum 6MM GP, daily 600’s, full participation, thick skin, and communication on the free third party chat app ‘Discord’


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