Nihilus squad thoughts?

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So recently I've switched to a Nihilus lead Sith team which has worked well. But I'm running it with Chaze basically because I don't have a better taunt.. So I started working on gearing my SithT but was curious how RG would fair? My biggest concern with SithT is how reliably he can keep a taunt up? If anyone with experience can chime in their. RG seems like he'd fit in well under Nihilus Sith teams but thoughts?


  • Watch Mike H on youtube, he has a lot of rosters and is playing with Sith led by DN right now. this is his channel, you can check his Sith out.
  • Drax_77
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    Sith trooper with his unique omega gets taunt and retribution almost immediately if you also run sith assassin. Don't mod him for any speed and it's very easy to keep taunt on him the whole match. I generally run dn, sa, st, dooku and maul/savage, very fun gw team just don't have the gear for them to be arena viable.
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