Grand Master Yoda


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    I guess it's my fault for not leveling up my teams properly and that's on me but releasing event notes 24 hours prior and not really giving the vast majority or the players a heads up isn't really sitting well. If they let us know 1 or 2 weeks prior then maybe more of us could've prepared and they would've made more money because most of us would've purchased crystal packs to finish off those jedi before the event ended.

    If by vast majority you mean people who don't read the forums, then yes, you are correct. But they announced it more than a week beforehand in the forums.
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    Finally did it. Lumi, Qgj, Fisto, Jc, Bariss. Geared up but only ability 4-5. Like everyone says, you get lucky with dodges. Killed Yoda first, then Ima, then Ben. I haven't had success with gong against Bariss. She heals multiple times. Makes it harder.
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    Hey @EA_Jesse I was playing on a guest account and lost all my saved data I could never even link my account to prevent this as it wanted me to restart my game, Is there any way to recover this ?
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