Selecting Ship Problem solution proposal

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Problem: Its hard to select a special ship.
Solution: cycle through the ship targets

Problem description:
Selecting a ship, which is at the egde, can be difficulty unter time pressure.

use bigger screen, smaller pointing device

We have pictures for the Attacking and Defending Crew. Use them to cycle through the ship lists.


(Add Picture and highlight friend(2) and enemy(1) crew)
(1) Clicking on enemy crew(red) cycels through all possible enemy ship targets.
(2) Clicking on own crew(green) cycels through all possible friend ships.

If you can not select the enemy ship target -> cycle through by enemy crew(1)
If you can not select the friend ship as a target -> cycle through by friend crew(2)

If you have usefull ideas or questions let me know, pls.

Update: picture added and clarified names, included proposal in ****
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  • +1 need to be able to cycle through targets!
  • Added picture. Quick version...
  • +1
  • Gamorrean
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    But they have bigger problems right now!! (nute) lol :D
  • js4 wrote: »
    let's face it: even if they implemented this it's not like they have a QA process to send it through so it would most likely come out bugged.

    4 eyes is QA, too ;-)
    But I believe in the Devs and it wound not touch a main thing, but would be a backup solution just in case.
  • Zambor
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    I found this thread thinking that it was already implemented, but it is just a proposal...
  • Muaddib
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    We have pictures for the Attacking and Defending Crew. Use them to cycle through the ship lists.


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    Or, because ships dont require the ground, make some of them above others so it looks like a "W" pattern making the back ones easier to press.
  • It's been mentioned a few times since they began showing the crew. But let it keep rolling.

    Up till now it didn't matter where you put your toons -- no tactics/bonus in terms of placement.

    But now you can hide a toon in the back and, on defense, have a chance of a human player being unable to target it.

    Granted, I think most of us Auto - but it doesn't make this any less annoying.
  • HODA heroes of dragon age, had front lines and rear lines. Those in front line had double defense. Rear line had double offense
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