So let's say Yoda faces a Poe team....

Let's assume Poe goes first. He taunts. Will Yoda go before Poe's team?

Yoda will AOE, then pass on Poe's taunt to all his jedi teammates. And Poe's team can still attack WHOMEVER they want, since they are all taunting :smiley:


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    wild yoda appears.Poe used taunt........ its super effective!.Yoda's team fainted
  • Varlie
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    Poe taunts, Yoda pokes his head from behind Phasma, "Attack you, I will". The other team sees Yoda and gives up. Poe runs away.

    Not OP at all.
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    We obviously don't know 100% for sure yet, but it seems Yoda's leader ability may have a turn meter boost when resisting a status effect. So if Poe taunts and Yoda resists his expose, then Yoda could conceivably go before the rest of Poe's team (as could any of Yoda's allies who resist).
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