Will this Jedi team be able to get to 5* in 9 days?

Lumi - Done
QuiGon - 3* (missing 65+15)
Mace - 3* (Missing 8+65)
Eeth Koth - 4* (Missing 57)
Jedi Consular - 2* (Missing 3+50+65)

Surprisingly enough, I think that Jedi Consular will end up being my Achilles heel - the character I've had the longest!


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    Probably not. With 2 refreshes on the cantina you get about 7.5 shipment shards and 12 shard drops per day. With the added 3 JC and 1 Mace shard per day you'll get from hard modes you'll probably only get either JC or mace to 5* in cantina. Eeth Koth should be fine though.
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    Gurley30 wrote: »

    Yeah i'm in a similar spot. I'll probably only be a couple of days out.
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    Yeah, I'm doing the math now and Consular will be the one that stops me
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