QGJ's ability cooldown, am I missing something or is it a bug?

So I unlocked QGJ at 2 stars, just to check out the Yoda challenge. I got him to L43, gear 5, and level 3 on all attacks & abilities, because I did not want to waste any purple ability material MK3.
I tried him in the gear challenge, I saw his Harmonious assault cooldown is only 1 (Humbling blow cooldown is 2), and I was able to use Harmonious assault every other turn for few battles, all as described.

Now, it shows upgrading Harmonious assault to level 4 is cooldown-1, so I did. I suppose that means 0 cooldown now. I went back in gear challenge, but nothing changed to that ability, it still shows 1 after I use it, and I still can only use it every other turn.

Don't get me wrong, I thought 1 cooldown(at level 3) to begin with is incredibly powerful, and 0 cooldown(at level 4) is unimaginable, it's simply too good to be true, but that's what it is described. So am I missing something here? Or it's a bug?

Btw, I read the online guide to clarify, it says initial cooldown of 3 on Harmonious assault and 4 on Humbling blow, but I got 1 and 2 at level 3.
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