Farming Advice: FOO, Stormtrooper, or Bistan?

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From the Cantina shipments store. I'm level 85 and already have 7* QGJ, Poe, Ahsoka, JS, Boba. (I know Fives and Daka are good, but I'm just not interested in them.)

I don't have ready either a FO team (7* Phasma, 6* FOTP, 3* FOST, no Kylo yet) or an Imperial trooper team (3* storm, 4* snow, 4* Veers, 3* shore, no magma or DT) but both sound really fun. This would be part of building either.

I do have a pretty decent Rebel team (all 7* Wiggs, Lando, STHan, Leia, AA, etc.) and am working on a few RO rebels (7* Cassian, 7* K2, 5* Jyn, 4* Chirrut, Baze is sadly out of reach).

So I have the beginnings of these teams, but I'm not too far along on any. Who of the 3 gives best utility in the meantime? How useful are offense mods? (I had enough Empire to take care of t3 potency already). Any feelings about FOO vs. Imperial troopers?

Any feedback or thoughts are much appreciated! :)


  • Go with FOO, simply because your FO squad is further along than your IT squad. You are missing a vital component in each squad right now (Kylo and DT) and you will have to fix that before either squad will really come together. But for now, given the choices, I think FOO is the best option.
  • I agree with Eventine. Also FOO is great for rancor paired with Phasma.
    FOO's pinning shot reduces 50% tm and will effectively reduce Phasma's VM to a 2 turn cd helping with lack of speed mods.
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    Just ignore Bistan. He's one of those resource leaches that will never amount to anything besides absolute frustration that you burnt 3 months of farming to find out he's water trash.
  • Very nice run there, @Gebuttersnaps ! I might try this if my Rex wasn't such a g8 lame-o.
  • The great thing about that setup is you can use below average mods on everyone execpt FOO and Phasma so you don't have to keep moving arena mods around just for rancor.
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    Ooh. I hadn't even heard of using FOO for raids, but that kit looks really good: TMR, speeding up allies, plus reducing Phasma cooldowns. Then Marching Orders could give TM to Teebo if I'm in a bind. I think I'll start on FOO then.

    @Gebuttersnaps, what kind of mods would you want on Phasma and FOO then for this strategy?

    Thanks all for the replies!
  • With TFP's Ten down you don't really need potency so just stack tons of speed on FOO and Phasma. The more CD everyone has the better since everyone will have advantage most of the time anyway. I can comfortable solo the raid with these speeds on FOO and Phasma.
    make sure to use VM every time it's off cooldown to make up for lack of speed on everyone else.
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