This is "Nute" the Leader Ability You’re Looking For

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See what I did there? Eh? EH?

TL;DR Version
  • Nute Gunray’s Leader Ability is broken (bad)
  • It grants units Turn Meter on Critical Hits outside of their turn (really bad)
  • We’re going to fix it (good)
ANYWAY, as most of you are aware, there is currently an issue where Nute Gunray’s Leader Ability, Backroom Subterfuge, is not working as originally intended. The short version is that a Nute Gunray, at Gear Tier 6, with only his Leader Ability maxed, can allow 2 Jawas to do an enormous amount of damage inside of the Heroic AAT Raid, effectively soloing a full phase.

We are fairly confident it should be clear that any character at Gear Tier 6 should not be the key factor in allowing 2 members to solo any phase of any Raid, let alone a Heroic tier. That very clearly undermines our intent, the concept of a Raid, and any in-game progression.

So What's Going On?
Backroom Subterfuge currently reads:
Stealthed allies gain 55% Critical Chance and gain 50% Turn Meter the first time they score a Critical Hit each turn.
The wording states “each turn”, which means that Nute’s ability should be triggering the first time a character gets a Critical Hit on their turn, not on assists, which is what is happening.

We have known about this issue, but because there was never a situation where Nute’s ability was dramatically undermining the game, we had originally categorized Nute’s issue as a low priority bug. That said, we did not take this issue in to account when we buffed the Turn Meter gain on Nute (we increased the Turn Meter gain from 35% to 50%), and so these assists, coupled with the buff a few weeks back, are fundamentally undermining the Heroic AAT Raid.

This new issue obviously elevates Nute’s broken ability to a high priority bug and we’re going to fix it today.

The Fix
So we’re doing 2 things here:
  1. Backroom Subterfuge has been fixed and will now work as original intended
  2. Which means that we will update the language to be explicit, so it will read something like this (language isn’t 100% final):
Stealthed allies gain 55% Critical Chance and gain 50% Turn Meter the first time they score a Critical Hit during their turn.”
This means that assists will no longer trigger Backroom Subterfuge.

Closing Words
We know that there are players who are upset over this change. While we understand the feelings around this, we exacerbated an existing bug with a buff to Nute Gunray and now we need to fix it.

The Heroic Tier of any Raid should be difficult and require players to have a broad roster to overcome the challenge. This has always been the nature of the intent around these releases. Nute Gunray, in his current broken state, completely undermines that.

Finally, we are aware that there is an issue with the ESCAPE ability that is granted to players via the Raid mechanics. We know that this too is undermining the intent of the Heroic Raid Tiers, and we are looking in to solutions for this. We will discuss that update a little later.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and may the Force be with you all.

Lead Game Designer (Live), Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
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