Shard shop

How do we unlock the shard shop?


  • JoshG
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    Have extra shards!
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    You dont , the shard shop unlocks you .
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    You need to have a 7* char and excess shards for 7* chars btw you get 15 shard shop credits for each shard. You can by 2 char shards for 300 shard shop credits so that is 1 shard per 150 credits. So the ratio is 10 shards to 1. The characters in the shard shop for me today are useless greedo teebo Chewie etc stuff you can get from other areas for better value the shop resets once a day so will see what I get tomorrow
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    So 7* toon with extra shards and then it appears in your game , I thought you could use the shop for toons you have shards for but didn't want
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