The Nature of "The Meta"

First off for those who don't want to ask and withstand ridicule "Meta" refers to the overall game structure and play as it stands with the most current available players and game.

This is often compiled by many nerds sitting in my basement into nice bundles of notoriously inaccurate... Wait accurate that's right... Accurate data compiled.

Always take what is said with a grain of sand as MMV (mileage may vary) depending on your own experience.

The nature of "The Meta" is that it's like the stock market. It fluctuates.

How many people here have played Magic? This is where my first horde of number crunching nerd slaves originated. They have however had 20 years or so to craft there Meta magic and are much more advanced than a meta of a game that's a FEW MONTHS old!

Lessons to be learned is there could be a lot more constructive conversations here. There does not have to be so many complaints about this OP character or Yoda gave me a wedgi.

One last warning is that those who follow the meta game may be very successful and will garner benefits of shards and crystals like the little sucker fish eating scraps from the teeth of the shark.

Set your own meta once you think you understand how all characters and skills work.
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