LF Shardmates - Sheytan, PrimalPat, Your Mom, HK, Dareth grendel45, Oringo, Classic Christian, Adam

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Current top 15:
  • Sheytan (The Ones House Salaktori)
  • PrimalPat (Gundam Wing)
  • Your Mom (Jakkuzas)
  • HK (Nightangel uk)
  • Dareth grendel45 (BB808
  • Oringo (TA Roughnecks ZetA)
  • Classic Christian (Black Squadron)
  • Adam (The Force of Madness)
  • Fista13 (TR Consortium)
  • Ryan85226 (Knights of Smoke)
  • Mindmin (First Guard Circle)
  • Tutt66 (Mustafar House of BBQ)
  • Faralor (Legendary Titans)
  • R2BONE2 (Montana Rebel Alliance)
  • Tigersofstorm (Gungan Killjoys)

Our shard has a discord chat up. Everybody has been very helpful and happy to work together to alleviate stress around payouts. If you're in our arena shard, please come join us! PM me for info.


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