I Love the New Layout!

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I play on an IPad Air2 and I have to say I appreciate the visual tweaks. I'm really enjoying all the info at a singular spot at the character screen. It's not too cluttered and tells me what I like to see without needing to click on each character.

The only thing I still yearn for is added filters. There is no reason I should need to click on each character to figure out who is a Jedi or who has taunt. There is a website I utilize to give me this info, but would love to have this easily selectable in game. I'm sure this will work its way in someday...

Regardless, great strides and well done with the changes implemented in this patch.


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    aspenstar wrote: »

    Anyone else have an opinion?
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    So when you play on the ipad, do the numbers over lap? I am on an HTC 816 Desire, big 5+ inch screen. But when an attack occurs, the red damage, white text, and green heal all over lap? And it flashes too quickly... so it's really useless. Wondered if it was spread out more on a bigger screen?
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